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Messi Is 50 Goals Shy From Surpassing Pele’s Record To Become The Greatest Player Ever



With his brace against Catalan arch-rival Espanyol, Lionel Messi has now scored 593 goals for Barcelona, just 50 goals shy of Brazilian legend Pele.

In spite of the fact that Romario bragged towards the end of his career to have scored in excess of 1000 goals, everybody confides in more the number achieved by Brazilain football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele. The Brazilian star scored 643 goals for Santos and has the record for the number of goals scored in a single club, something which Romario, one of football’s globetrotters, can’t strive for.

The Argentine international can achieve the feat. Messi scored a brace against Espanyol despite the fact that his first panenka free-kick goal still creates debate on whether it is his or not and he is just 50 goals off with which today he is viewed aMessi Is 50 Goals Shy From Surpassing Pele’s Record To Become The Greatest Ever Player s one of the best players to have graced the beautiful game.

The present campaign has been intriguing for Messi in this angle. In spite of the loss against Betis in the first half of the season, he was able to surpass Gerd Muller‘s goal tally, another footballer who scored loads goals in a single club.

After his goals against Betis, Messi achieved 566 goals, one more than Muller got at his years at Bayern Munich. Months after the fact, the German international stayed back and Messi is currently looking towards a more noteworthy test. Pele, with his 643, just has 50 goals more than Messi at Barcelona. He won’t surpass Pele’s goal tally this season, however, everything seems to show he will do as such next season and in the dire outcome imaginable, the one after.

Although superstars like Iker Casillas have implied that records like those which the Argentine has achieved will be broken later on, the fact of the matter is the record which Messi could break recording the number of goals at one club would be something extremely unique.

The globalization of football, which welcomes players to change team every now and then, makes it so difficult for anybody to have a such an extraordinary career at a single club such as Pele and Messi did. What is likewise evident is players like these two are a rare gem and hard to come by.



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