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Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers


Barcelona’s Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers



Following the exit of Josep Maria Bartomeu, it’s not difficult to tell how delighted Barcelona’s fans were with the news of his resignation, who left behind an era that was marked by boardroom scandals and on pitch disgrace.

Barcelona’s Presidential election is set to come up next year in other to address the unpalatable situation going on at the club, as the Catalan-based club has been shrouded with so many scandals off the pitch during the reign of the former supremo.

The resignation of Bartomeu leaves many Barcelona fans in a jubilant mood, celebrating the exit of their President. His exit also leaves a lot on the minds of the fans, on who their next president would be as the race to elect a new President takes center stage.

An individual who has been elected Barcelona president earns a mandate to serve in the post for six years. That means elections take place every six years, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Carlos Tusquets, the new interim president will guide the Catalan giants through the next few months ahead of the new board elections early next year.

Cheapgoals will in this piece look at the best candidates that would be the next Barcelona president.


The Contenders 

  • Joan Laporta

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

Life under the former President can be said to be a fruitful reign for him and the entire Catalan fans when he took over in 2003-10. At the time he took over, Barcelona was seriously faced with massive problems on the pitch, winning no major trophies since 1999.

In Laporta’s first year, a lot of changes were expected from the fans. Unfortunately, the trained lawyer turned President couldn’t perform any magic but he demanded patience from the fans.

The following season the signing of Frank Rijkaard as the manager and Ronaldinho from Paris Saint Germain, revamped the club and from then on it was all victory plus success stories for the Catalan side.

As all the candidates are gradually preparing for next year’s election, albeit Laporta just announces his candidacy.

As it stands Laporta is no doubt one of the best candidates to watch out for because he certainly knows how to reach out to the club members for their support. And more so he could also take solace or bank on the impressive legacy of being the President who brought success back to Barcelona.

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  • Victor Font

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

If there is any man that could give Joan Laporta a run for his money during the election and also has the capability to split the pro-independence vote is no one other than Victor Font. The outspoken Font is the first to announce his intention for the Barcelona Presidency post.

Font’s candidacy has been a long time coming and he has been preparing painstakingly for the post. Amidst making his intention known, he also has a great vision for the club planning on making the election process electronic so that more of the club legends could be part of the decision making at the club.

In addition to all of his plans, he also plans on bringing a great change to the club’s income. In other to step out of debt and stand on their feet come the year 2030.

The plan to bring the club legend Xavi Hernandez also carries an integral part in Font’s project, as the run for the next supremo builds up. Font looks like the anointed son of the Catalan government to win the election.

  • Jordi Farre

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

With the role Jordi Farre played in Bartomeu’s resignation, he would no doubt serve well and garner a lot of support from the fans heading into the election. The business tycoon was also very instrumental in advocating for the independence of Catalan.

With all of these references and his plan of bringing Jurgen Kloop to Barcelona should he win the election, put him on the right track to be a major contender.

In one of Farre’s statement talking about his plan to persuade the greatest player in the history of the club (Messi) to stay back at the club, despite bridges been burnt between him and the former board “If he wants to spend a year at Newell’s we’d be delighted“.

Weird right? You can’t blame Farre, every candidate is definitely going to do everything possible to make Messi happy.

The 44-year-old presidential candidate also went further, that his plans for Messi depend on the available options designed to keep the Argentine at Nou Camp, which would be open to him should he wins the election.

“Leo will play wherever he wants, we would be delighted if asks us if he could spend a year playing at Newell’s, return and see out his playing days at Barcelona”.

With this kind of statement, if Farre finds favor and grace from the Catalan fans and board, he no doubts has a chance to come out triumphant in the election.

Most especially with his plan to give Messi complete freedom to choose how he wants to see out the final years of his playing career. The fans would perhaps be happy with such a plan with the hope to see their greatest player retires at the club.

  • Toni Freixa

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

Freixa was a candidate in 2015 and he has confirmed once again he would be contesting in the election come next year. During the administration of Sandro Rosell he occupied various positions on the Barcelona board, he also served as the club’s representative to the Spanish Football Federation.

With his admiration for Koeman, it’s crystal clear should he triumph in the election, the Dutch manager would continue with the tinkering of the team.

However, a candidate like Victor Font has made it clear that should he win next year’s election, the former Netherlands manager would be replaced with former club legend Xavi Hernandez.

Considering his project which is set to be built around Koeman’s leadership and decisions on the pitch, those who are in support of the former Netherland gaffer’s work would hope Freixa wins the election.

Freixa was also involved under Bartomeu but left in 2015 following his ups and down with the former president. He is also seen as a strong candidate who has experience on his side to help bring back the club to its old glory days and has no pro-independence links.

The Jokers

  • Emili Rousaud

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

With the legal war on corruption that transpired between Bartomeu and Rousaud in April, which is still very fresh in the memories of all Catalan faithful, the former Vice President doesn’t look like a decent Presidential candidate for the election.

Rousaud was supposed to be the continuity candidate been the Vice President to Bartomeu. However, he left his position after the Barcagate impropriety.

Rousaud was considered a mole leaking information to the media by the former President. With such an allegation still very much on the media space, it’s evident that Rousaud’s ambition for the post of President is already a lost battle.

Albeit, he did agree that he spoke with the media but never leaked any information out.

As it stands Rousaud is more of a joker and not one of the favorite candidates to win the election, not for anything but due to his involvement in the corruption case. A tag that the board wouldn’t want to associate themselves with, perhaps the consensus board Rousaud is looking to form might work magic for him.

  • Agusti Benedito

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

Benedito was also in the last two presidential elections and since then he’s been under the radar, although yet to officially announce his candidacy.

However, should he decide to announce his candidacy, Benedito would have his work cut out to emerge above the other candidates who have an impressive legacy that could work in their favor.

Benedito may not be fortunate with an impressive legacy like that of Laporta or be the chosen son of the Catalan government(Font). However, his experience is the only weapon he has that could provide him with a solid base of support, yet his experience still doesn’t count him to be a more formidable candidate.

Benedito was also strongly involved in getting the signatures of 16,570 club members in other to take the vote of no confidence against the former supremo and his directors to a referendum. Unfortunately, he could only muster 12,504 signatures before the deadline.

With his involvement in Bartomeu’s resignation and a bit of power still in the hands of the former president, which may be used against him. And more so, he doesn’t look like an ideal candidate who has a great plan at hand for the club.

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  • Xavi Vilajoana

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

Coming from a different association to stand for the Presidential election is one big obstacle that could hinder his chances. After serving on the board of former President, Vilajoana who is a former Barcelona youth player would have the opportunity to test his experience in next year’s election.

He has been in charge of the youth team and women’s football at the club, and also with the fact that his father was also a former board member could push him further up the ladder. However, all of that still doesn’t rank him among the best candidates for the presidential post.

  • Lluis Fernandez

Barcelona's Presidency: Top 8 Contenders & Jokers

His idea is to bring freshness to the club, likewise putting more effort into La Masia’s growth. And also to reduce the obsession of buying expensive players who don’t add value to the team and selling them cheap.

Fernandez is the third candidate to enter the presidential race months ago after Font and Laporta. He believes that all members of Barcelona have the same values and principles that is, “Love for Barcelona, for Catalonia, and Honesty”.

He also believes that the need for a change at the club couldn’t be more evident than now, perhaps these may serve as the right emotion to get him the votes. Still, he doesn’t have the legacy to win the election.



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3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere



3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

The English Premier League has welcomed some of the best players in the history of football. Players from different continents have made a huge impact on the league with impressive performances. There are others who failed to impress and can be termed as flops.

The League is quite unique from other European leagues. It is more competitive, fierce, physically challenging in nature. Needless to say, a player who isn’t mentally and physically geared up for this will stumble under the pressure.

Established stars can fall by the wayside with their former successes and triumphs becoming nothing more than a footnote in the EPL. Impressively, some of these players put in impressive performances when they moved to other leagues.

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big In Other Leagues

  • Paulinho

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Following the impending sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, Tottenham bought several players, one of the players they bought was Paulinho.

Paulinho was signed from Corinthians in Brazil where he helped them win the Copa Libertadores, Brasileirao, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

They defeated Chelsea in the latter to lift the trophy. Importantly, he had just won the FIFA Confederations Cup with Brazil and was voted as the third-best player at the tournament.

He joined Tottenham as the club’s record signing in 2013, so a lot was expected of him. However, his performance was not as impressive as the club had envisaged. He was later sold to Guangzhou Evergrande in China at a loss.

The Brazilian’s transfer to the Chinese league resulted in a change of fortunes, as helped the club claim the Chinese league and the AFC Champions League title in his first season.

In the second, he was voted into the Chinese League team of the year in recognition of his performance. Also, he won the league, FA Cup, and Super Cup.

Although critics downplayed his performance, citing the standard of the Chinese league compared to the English league, Paulinho impressed in Spain too following a €40 million move to Barcelona.

Paulinho helped the club claim the league and the Copa del Rey trophy. His performance in his only season with Barcelona impressed Ronaldinho who said: “He really stood out.”

  • Iago Aspas

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Most Premier League fan remembers Aspas only as a Liverpool flop with the number 9 jersey. Aspas moved from boyhood club Celta Vigo to Liverpool for a deal estimated to be around £7.7 m, with Liverpool hoping to have unearthed a gem. However, that gem turns dregs, failing to score in any of his 14 league appearances.

After just one season, Liverpool decided that they have seen enough so they sent him on a season-long loan to Sevilla with an obligation to buy. In his season-long loan at the club, he was the joint top scorer in the Copa del Rey alongside Neymar with 7 goals and won the UEFA Europa League.

At the end of his season-long loan at Sevilla, the club signed him from Liverpool but sold him to Celta Vigo in the same transfer window. In every of his first 5 seasons at Celta Vigo, he scored in double digits.

In fact, in three of the 5 seasons, he won the Zarra Trophy awarded to the Spanish player with the most league goals in a season. As of December 2020, Aspas had won La Liga player of the month four times.

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  • Diego Forlan

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Perhaps, the most notable and interesting English Premier League flop who became a star in another League. He was not just impressive in another league; he was extraordinary with his National team Uruguay.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed Forlan in 2001 following the attacker’s impressive form at Independiente in Argentina. In his first season in England, Forlan made 18 appearances but failed to score a single goal. The two seasons after were not impressive either, hence his transfer to Villarreal.

Impressively, Forlan scored 25 league goals in his first season with Villarreal and won the league’s top scorers award (2004/05). Also, he was awarded the European Golden Shoe award alongside Thierry Henry the same year. He left the club two seasons later for Atletico with 59 goals scored in 128 matches.

In his second season with Atletico Madrid (2008/09), Forlan beat Samuel Eto’o to the Spanish league’s top scorer’s award. He scored 32 league goals in 33 league appearances that season which earned him the Pichichi trophy. Again, he won the European Golden Shoe but this time it was not shared with anyone.

The next season (2009/10), Forlan played a key role as Atletico won the Europa League. He scored six times in the tournament, including two in the 2-1 win over Fulham in the final. He was voted as the man of the match in the final.

With his national team, he was just as impressive; he scored the most goals at the 2010 FIFA World Cup alongside Thomas Muller, Wesley Sneijder, and David Villa.

Furthermore, he was voted into the FIFA World Cup dream team and won the Golden Ball and goal of the tournament title. By the time he retired, he was Uruguay’s highest goal scorer in history, a record which has since been broken by Luis Suarez.

Forlan eventually became so good that some Football fans think he is the caliber of player that could have won the Ballon d’Or.



There are several reasons why players struggle when they change clubs, especially to other countries. Culture, language, teammates, family are some factors that can affect their performances.

These 3 cases show that a player may fail to perform in one league but go on to become a star in another league.




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Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time




Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time

The beautiful game of football is arguably the only sport that entertains its fans with the opportunity to witness a genuine instance of sheer genius with a series of beautiful nutmegs. The display of skills, footwork, eye-catching dribbles by different players makes the game more entertaining.

A lot of players around the world can dribble, go past a defender with a single flick and pace. However, good dribblers can be considered as one of the most important key players of a team, as they can unlock any kind of defense.

There are tons of Football dribblers, but only the best have made it onto the CheapGoals list.

10. Roberto Rivelino

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 5

Rivelino’s magic with the ball was unbelievable, doing things nobody ever has or will do on a football pitch, and also had a quality of certainty about himself when he was on the ball.

He would not only wind past his opponents but also mortify them and smash defenders’ confidence. Sudden speeding up, various body bluffs would see him outfox defenders on numerous occasions, as some would say Garrincha made the ball talk to his feet.

9. Pelé

Other than being authoritatively one of the best footballers to ever graced the beautiful game and lived with three World Cup medals, this iconic Brazilian player was incredible at dribbling. Being able to control the ball in front of defenders and going past them with ease and confidence is something an aspiring footballer would dream of.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 6

8. George Best

Undoubtedly one of England’s greatest players, having scored 137 goals in 361 appearances for Manchester United in a career that spread over more than a decade for the Red Devils. He had the confidence to make use of the ball within and outside of his boot so well that he could cut around players quickly and easily.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 7

7. Ronaldo

De Lima is known for dribbling past defenders and after that going ahead to score a goal. only a few players have aced the popular ‘step over’ dribble as Ronaldo always proved to be a match-winner time over time with his solo dribbles.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 8

6. Johan Cruyff

One of Cruyff’s best abilities was that he had the ability to recognize any weakness and shortcoming in a defender. Like De-lima, he had a move named after him called “The Cruyff Turn”. It would appear as though he was passing the ball to a teammate but instead to kick the ball, he would turn 90 degrees and drag the ball within his foot behind his back leg. This sudden 90-degree move always left the opponent over to the cleaners.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 9

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5. Garrincha

Talking about football dribblers, Garrincha compared to Pele was generally viewed as the best dribbler ever. His extraordinary speed combined with his stunning ball control always leaves defenders powerless, and unfit to deal with his mesmerizing dribbles. At just 5ft 6inches Garrincha’s low center of gravity helped him weave around opponents effortlessly.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time

4. Diego Maradona

Maradona uses a style of dribbling called “Gambetta” in which he would use his body position to trick into going the wrong way.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 10

Maradona is an impudent, supreme football dribbler – who uses his small stature to make an extraordinary impact which made him one of the best dribblers in football. His strength and control made it difficult to knock him off the ball.

3. Okocha

Considered by many as a standout amongst one of the most skillful players in football, he was commended for his abilities and inventiveness. only if his prime had lasted longer, he may very well have been crowned with Ballon d’Or but Okocha is one of the best football dribblers. Be that as it may, it always a joy to watch the Nigerian dazzle on the football pitch.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 11

2. Ronaldinho

The former PSG forward and Brazil legend came into the limelight amid his time with Barcelona scoring 70 goals in 145 caps for the club. Dinho brought his mesmerizing pattern of football from the streets of Brazil onto the world stage, and defenders couldn’t deal with his skills and frills.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 12

Every little thing about him appeared to be so superb. From his sly bluffs to his sudden change in increasing speed, all that he did was accompanied by a smile all over his face. His most popular trick was  ‘Snake Bite’ where he would trick defenders by pushing the ball sideways, however, all of a sudden pulling the ball back the other way. He is considered one of the best football dribblers.

1.Lionel Messi

Having for all intents and purposes wins everything minus a World Cup, the four-time Balon d’Or winner is magnificently unstoppable on his day. The Barcelona forward has scored lots of stunning goals, beating three, four, even five players before firing it in the back of the net.

Top 10 Football Dribblers Of All Time 13

Honourable Mentions

Mathias Sindelar, Zinedine Zidane, Micheal Laudrup, Adama Toure, Magico Gonzalez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Ariel Ortega, Eden Hazard,Dennis Bergkamp.


This is CheapGoal’s top 10 football dribblers, if any of our loving readers feel otherwise or have their preferred special list, pls don’t hesitate to drop and comment…

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