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Top 10 Ugliest Footballers As At 2016- 2017



Football is genuinely a thing of beauty, that is until the point when you meet its ugly side, money can’t help these players. But to the extent their aesthetic is concerned – It truly doesn’t make a difference if players are ugly, especially if they have skills. Some of these players are weird looking and some are straight-up ugly.

While CheapGoals certainly don’t make a propensity for judging players by their looks, this is a fascinating idea.

Meet the top ten ugliest footballers to ever have stepped onto a football pitch.

10. Joleon Lescott

It’s one thing to have a head the size of the Great Wall of China, it’s another living with an abnormal looking scar amidst it appearing like a bad art. It gives the producers at FIFA a touch of additional work to do to make exact highlights on the player, but given the fact he’s perfectly healthy bringing home the bacon out of playing football, we surmise that is the exact opposite thing Lescott will be stressed over.

9. Martin Skrtel

The Slovakian has a mean old face and has the look of a man who has just escaped from a mental asylum. He is one of the ugliest players in Premier League history and most likely gave his fans who met him nightmares, presumably the same number of nightmares he gave Liverpool fans with his dodgy defending. Skrtel was a long-term player for the Reds, but not the best defender they’ve ever had.

8. Di Maria

Di Maria may be a standout among the most entertaining players to watch in football, but he has a funny face which isn’t generally in extent. The brooding face is a heartbreaking trademark for the Argentine who presumably had a figurative disappointed look amid his failed spell at Manchester United. His long pointy ears are also an unfortunate feature of a Fulani herdsman which combines with his overall look to make him one of the ugliest footballer.

7. Phil Stamp

With a round body shape and a face only a mother could love, Phil put his “Stamp” on various games by watching the rustiest man on the pitch. Shockingly smearing down would just explain one of his issues.

6. Phil Jones

Even the most routine of challenges inspires a stunning facial deformation that takes a player with a disastrous look and Jones could be mistaken for Wayne Rooney’s sibling because of the shape of his face which resembles a bad tomato. He also has the habit of making funny facial expression when he is making challenges which practically seems as though he is doing it deliberately.

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5. Héctor Herrera

Herrera has an unmistakable ugly look and stands out from a group picture for evident reasons, but any reasonable person would agree Herrera has taken advantage of what God has given him. The teeth, the hairstyle and even at one phase dodgy ears make this player an unusual man to take a look at.

4. Iain Dowie & Hameur Bouazza

Iain Dowie was an ugly-looking player amid his playing days, Dowie resembles the kind of player who would be a film actor, playing the ugly dumb accomplice that dependably seems to feature in comedy films. He has the kind of face that would scare kids off with his overworked looking face.

Hameur Bouazza: This Algerian midfielder has a somewhat triangular head, an expansive nose, and ears that could make him effortlessly mistaken for the FA Cup trophy.

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3. Aristide Bance

A likeable soul who evidently hit each branch of the ugly tree on his way down. With a face, only a visually impaired mother with burnt off fingertips could love, it is said God discarded the mould when he made the Burkina Faso player. Inspired by a paranoid fear of repeating the slip-up.

2. Scott Gemmill

Scott Gemmill’s typical expression seems as though somebody who has just smelt the most exceedingly awful fart ever smelt. It isn’t a charming picture and those are for the most part the better ones taken. Gemmill could be a top contender for a part in the movie “The Walking Dead”, complete with a pointy nose, gloomy cheeks and gravelled face of a man who has lived a life of stress and tension.

1.Luke Chadwick

From the indented cheekbones to the small teeth, there isn’t a considerable measure of external excellence or beauty the former Manchester United player can stick to, having set of ears that could make an elephant go jealous.





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