Yusif Chibsah Calls For Extra And Transparent Investigations For Jailed Kwame Bonsu ; We Want Justice’ – CheapGoals
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Yusif Chibsah Calls For Extra And Transparent Investigations For Jailed Kwame Bonsu ; We Want Justice’



Ex- Black Star player Yusif Alhassan Chibsah has approached the Swedish Government to conduct an extraordinary and transparent investigation concerning what prompted the imprisoning of Ghanaian footballer, Kwame Bonsu over an alleged sexual assault on his wife.

The Swedish court found Bonsu blameworthy of the charges brought against him by his ex-wife for alleged sexual assault dating back as 2015; two years after the incident had occurred. Bonsu who plays for Swedish second-division side, Gefle IF, has had his contract terminated by the team. The team made an open declaration about the fate of the Ghanaian footballer on its official site after the decision was passed expressing unmistakably that they no longer needs the services of the 22-year old.

Meanwhile, Bonsu would likewise face deportation and would be slammed with an additional 10 year-restriction from ever coming back to Sweden unless he is acquitted if the decision stays unaltered.

The former Asante Kotoko captain and Swedish-based  Yusif Chibsah, who has featured for top clubs in the Scandinavian nation believes the Ghanaian player is being exploited by his ex. And has called on the Swedish government to look profoundly into the matter and offer equity and justice for the sentenced footballer.

Yusif Chibsah Statement

“On behalf of all Ghanaian players in Sweden share your feelings and cry. We know the kind of person you are. We hope and pray that the truth is unveiled as your case goes to the appeals court. We all live in Sweden where we execute our professional duties and are therefore obliged to respect the rules and regulations of the country.

We travel here to work and support our extended families and friends back home. There are lots of people who depend on us. We don’t come here with any intention of misbehaving or causing problems. Sweden is a beautiful country with beautiful culture, values, tradition and people.

As much as the country will not tolerate criminal, bad, immoral and uncultured behaviours, such as murder, rape and assault, by punishing victims of the above-mentioned cases, we also would humbly and politely appeal to the government to exercise very deep investigations into cases of rape and assault as some young women take advantage of the financial benefits they get from alledging to be assaulted or raped. Most times, it’s we the immigrants, as ignorant as we can be who usually fall victim to these “smart girls/women”.

A special case was with Ex-AIK football player Dulee Johnson who was once accused of assault and attempts to rape but later won the case upon appeal.

We are not here to support criminals, bad characters or people involved in assault and rape; our humble appeal is, we call for extra and transparent investigations into such cases so as to deter the young women who are anxious and determined to use these means as a channel of making money from innocent men who might be wrongly accused and convicted. We want JUSTICE”.

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