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WHAT A MESS ! Lionel Messi Branded Cocaine Seized By Peruvian Police



Peruvian Police have reportedly seized a stunning £73million worth of cocaine marked with Lionel Messi’s face on the bundling. Staggeringly it is not the first run through the class A drug has been named after the Argentinean star.

Drug dealers in the South American nation have taken the choice to mark each individual item with a picture of the Argentine spread all around the front.

But according to Twitter user @barcastuff_real, Messi’s name has once again been branded on 1,417 kilogrammes of cocaine found in Peru.

An image of five packages wrapped in cling film was uploaded to Twitter with a picture of Messi in a Barcelona shirt in the bottom right corner.

The reports say the drug smugglers bundled €85 million pounds worth of cocaine and each individual item had a picture of Messi on the front. The bundles additionally contained Messi’s name in his official lettering and in addition a photo of a football.
The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has softened innumerable records up his sparkling career and hasn’t been probed or questioned regarding any sort of drug smuggling. He’s good to the point that he’s even got his own name in the dictionary.

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