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Wenger: Heavy Drinking Days Are Over



Arsenal’s manager has come out to defend Rooney after rumours surrounding the Manchester United striker, Wenger says he believe that English Football’s days of heavy drinking are over.

Although the England international has apologized for his inappropriate behaviour after The Sun allegedly showing photographs of him to be drunk on attending a party at national team’s hotel in this week international break.

While Arsene believes days of English drinking culture are over,he said to have inherited drinking culture when he first took charge of Arsenal in 1996 and he did ban booze and any other drinks at the club’s bar,making a strict and balanced sense of diet.



“I do not want to get involved in the Rooney case at all, because I don’t really know what happened,” he told reporters. “But I don’t think it is a major problem now in English sport, it has disappeared.

“At the top level, every player has to know what he can do and what he cannot do.

“You have to accept you cannot control the players everywhere. They have to know what has changed. There is a lot of competition inside the club, and if you don’t compete, you don’t play.

“Players just need to follow the instructions of their managers and their coaches. We have all been young, we have not all be angels at 20 or 21.

“But overall I believe it is part of youth to make mistakes and after that analyze it. All the players who make big careers have that quality, a good assessment.

“All the big players make mistakes but afterwards they have a good assessment of the situation and they address it in a positive way.”


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Muyiwa is an ardent follower of everything football. Fascinated by the beauty of the game, he takes pleasure in penning down his opinion about a sport that has more lovers than haters. PS: He loves Barcelona for making football look easier than it actually is.

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