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We Have More Balance Without Neymar And That Makes Us Stronger – Messi



In an exclusive with ‘World Soccer’, FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi talked about Neymar’s summer departure and the loss of “a great attacking potential”. The Argentine star tended to his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

When alluding to the most astounding moment of the summer transfer window – when his team-mate left Barcelona for PSG – Messi stated:

“The departure of Neymar has implied that we have had to change our method of playing. At present, we are extremely very much furnished in midfield, we have more balance and that makes us stronger”.

Another name which features conspicuously in the 30-year-old’s life is Ronaldo with constant comparisons between the two. Nonetheless, and notwithstanding the way that they have looked more natural together lately, their companionship is non-existent:

“We don’t have any relationship, we just see each other on award evenings, which is the point at which we talk. All is well, but our lives don’t cross frequently”.

Messi additionally talked about his two kids, Thiago, and Mateo, who have changed his life drastically: “Being a father is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. You see things in an unexpected way, my life is centered around my kids”.

In spite of the fact that regardless they don’t comprehend the full size of being the children of one of the best footballers ever:

“Mateo is shocked [when people] approach me for a photograph or an autograph. He doesn’t get it. Thiago has started to, pretty much. He goes to the stadium, but he doesn’t understand it totally. Once in a while, he calls me Messi at home”.

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