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Unbelievable ! Psychic Cow Predicts Manchester Utd Will Lose Europa Final To Ajax



You remember the famous Octopus Paul who predicts World Cup results? Yes ! exactly another one is out in the Netherland but it’s a COW and it has predicted that Ajax will beat Manchester United to win the Europa League on Wednesday.

The psychic COW is celebrated in Holland for foreseeing the result of football matches has had its say on the Europa League last. Furthermore, it’s a terrible moos for Manchester United fans after the accurate psychic cow named Sijtje thinks Jose Mourinho’s side will be defeated in Stockholm.

Also, ahead of the crucial Europa Cup final psychic Sijtje, who has 85% accurate rate, was let loose to foresee who will be delegated as Europa League champions. With two basins laid out with each club’s brand stamped on the front, the Sijtje owner then tops every basin with food.

Sijtje is then let out of its nook and whichever basin it eats from first evidently goes ahead to win the match. The video was presented on the COW Facebook page which has a preferred like more than 1,100 individuals and has right now been shared more than 800 times.

Manchester United are bookmakers’ top picks to win the Europa League and it will be an incredible test of the forecast procedure of Psychic Sijtje.

Sijtje precisely anticipated the result of the Dutch election and Holland’s triumph over Mexico at the 2014 World Cup.

Let’s all keep our fingers cross and let’s wait till Wednesday, and any bookmaker who wants a sure way to millions should stake his way with Psychic Sijtje… Who know..


Picture Credits: The Sun

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