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Top 7 Footballer Caught Doing Drugs



Fitness is extremely important for a professional football player and there is no doubt that these players can feel excessive pressure on and off the pitch. The public eyes stay on them because of being an ideal athlete. However, some football players are able to handle this pressure well but on the contrary, others feel less or too much pressure that is the main cause of problems.

Apart from this, using drugs for a few moments in parties can be a big problem for the footballer. In fact, athletes are scrutinized the most because footballers are required to participate in the semi-regular drugs test.

Even at the international level footballers are tested weekly, and if any player refuses to participate in the test, then they can be banned from the game. There are lots of players who went to drug rehab centers also. We will create another article about that, but in the meantime, we’re focusing on top  7 footballer caught doing drugs.

Marijuana, cocaine, and meth are used to achieve social and recreational purposes. While THG, nandrolone, and drostanolone are used to increase their performance. If any of the two categories are used by the player, then he may face heavy fines and penalties.

Fernando Couto

Fernando Couto is widely known as a respected central defender who played in a number of top teams in Portugal, Spain, and Italy (12 seasons in the latter country at the age of 21. Couto played for Portugal in four major tournaments before retiring in 2010 and worked as a football director for S.C Braga. But now, he is working as club assistant manager.

However, now everything is going well but everything changed in 2001 when he failed a drug-test at Lazio. During the test, the presence of steroids nandrolone found in the urine sample. However, he did not accept the allegations but it was confirmed by B Test. As a result, he was banned for 9 months from the game and was fined $ 60,000.

Mark Bosnich

Mark Bosnich played as a goalkeeper for Premier League side Aston Villa and Chelsea. In 2003, there was a lot of controversies when Bosnich was found to have failed a drug test. The presence of cocaine was found in the test. As a result, his $ 100,000 per week contract was terminated by Chelsea.

Bosnich used 10g cocaine per day, due to which he became a victim of severe addiction. So, he retired at the age of 31. Bosnich took 5 years for controlling cocaine addiction and eventually, he returned to football in his homeland.

Jaap Stam

In 2011, instead of leaving acrimonious circumstances, Stam left Manchester United and after a few days, he failed a drug test. By the way, he comes in the category of technologically fast and quite popular defenders. Jaap Stam has won trophies with PSV, Manchester United, Lazio, AC Milan and Ajax and had 65 caps for the Netherlands. He was banned in 2002 because nandrolone was found in his urine sample and was banned for 5 months.

Garry O’Connor

Scottish footballer O’Connor got an opportunity to play in the national team at the age of 18. He was not even talented yet but in 2009, his career was in trouble, when he failed in the drug test. Cocaine was found during drug test and he was immediately provided health care. When Garry realized his condition but by then he had spent £ 4 million on addiction. Yet he could not reduce addiction. Now Garry lives in a council house.

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Edgar Davids

Edgar Davids was a talented midfield player who was eligible to change the game. His most successful performance was seen at Ajax and Juventus where he won three Eredivisie, three Serie A titles, and one Champions League trophy. Apart from this, Davids played 70 times for the Netherlands. But in 2001, Davids was banned from playing for 4 months because the presence of Nandrolone was found during the drug test.

Adrian Mutu

Mutu’s journey is considered the most interesting in modern football history. He played 25 matches in the club at Europe. But when Mutu failed the drug test, it was revealed that he is addicted to cocaine. Because of that, he was banned for 7 months. After that, Mutu re-joined Juventus but also did not succeed in the drug test. As a result, he was banned for another 8 months by the club. And after that, he played until 2014.

Chris Armstrong

In 1995, at the age of 23, Chris Armstrong was the first Premier League player who did not succeed in the drug test. During the test, it was found that he is addicted to cannabis. After that, he enrolled in the rehabilitation center but after 1 month, FA allowed him to play. Chris Armstrong was included in Tottenham Hotspur, giving 4.5 million pounds. And he became the most expensive player.

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