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Top 5 Footballers Haloween Costume : Luis Garcia & Evra Scares



Halloween is ostensibly one of the greatest western festivals we take after with no dithering at all, after Christmas and Valentine’s day. Also, footballers joined the frenzy and scary costume traditions.

A short history, The origin of the festival is disputed, and there are both pagan and Christian practices that have evolved into what Halloween is like today, and otherwise called as ‘All Saints’ Eve is a celebration observed in various nations on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian devour of All Hallows’ Day. It starts the three-day recognition of Allhallowtide, the time in the formal year committed to recalling the dead, including holy people (Hallow), and martyrs.

What does Halloween have to do with dressing up?

Celtics dressed up in white with darkened countenances during the celebration of Samhain to trap the underworld spirits that they believe would meander the earth before All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

During this festival, some footballers across Europe grab the chance to spruce up in the most unrestrained and extraordinary way to totally seize the day.Below are good costume spruce up by footballers.


Luis Garcia – The Lost Ghost

On the off chance that you are a Liverpool fan, you are unquestionably going to remember that awesome striker that assumed an essential role in Liverpool’s Champions League winning campaign in 2005,

Luis Garcia, who is former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid winger used a basic makeup devastating effects as he spruces up like a lost ghost reading a map back to his tomb.

Pique & Shakira

Pique and Shakira ventured out with their veils on, While FC Barcelona defender looked somewhat unnerving in his veil, the music goddess was clad in a standard dark mask that even improved her magnificence.


if the game is cards, anticipate on cheating. or your adversaries will. Bring ice, in case that you have to calm the swelling. Bring an intense comical inclination, and you’ll get along fine and dandy. On a good day, The Brazilian forward is a supervillain, that possesses superhuman abilities, using his expertise in football to torment defenders. Joker or not?

Alves & Neymar

To torment the city of Paris, Dani Alves needs a partner, the duo cooperation isn’t another thing in the football circle as the two Brazilians have been spotted standing alongside for the umpteenth time. At the point when Dani Alves ate a banana to counter the racism, he was liable to, Neymar followed suit accordingly and started the #WeAreAllMonkeys trend on Twitter.

Can’t generally put my head on what precisely Dani Alves was attempting to delineate here but his costume looked far excessively terrifying.



The ex-Manchester United star is known for his inventiveness and forte in entertainment, a pointer to that reality is his #MondayMotivation videos that have succeeded with regards to making Monday an exciting day of the week for his Instagram followers.

Fittingly, one of the pumpkins has been expertly manipulated to read ‘I love this game’ which, for one reason or another, has become Evra’s catchphrase in recent months.

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