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Top 10 Most Stylish Footballers As At 2016



Despite the rich amounts of skills and thrills football players display on the pitch, they still lack when it comes to fashion sense compared to music and movie artists.

Fans need to cut loose some slack because these player are sometimes limited to club tracksuit, sponsored playing kits and sweatshirts, but regardless of that, when off the pitch they still try their best in donning out their finest threads.

Today we take a look at the top ten footballers who have scored high on Cheapgoals.com most stylish for the year 2016.


This awesome Italian midfielder is old but classy and stylish, though his fashion style wouldn’t get much applaud like his curly free kick and superb pass, much respect for the Italian who knows how to accessorize his dress.


Crystal Palace midfielder achieved notoriety for his splendid black beard, he has a unique and quirky fashion sense that couldn’t be sweep away. The man only understands ‘taloired’ and ‘fitted’ in his wardrobe vocabulary.


The Dutch international who has had a horrid time getting a play role under Jose Mourinho but his time on the sidelines seems to be working well for his fashion sense, as he shrugged off troubles coming with starting for Manchester United.


Jerome Boateng was named Germany’s best-dressed man in 2015. He is referred to one of “Germany fashion icon”, his fashion sense is extraordinary.


Sergio Ramos can best be described as Mr. Fearless both on and off the pitch, he oozes fluidity and style, in both football and in his sense of dress.


Alves is no doubt one of the most solid right back in football and it seems his dress sense off the pitch is pretty solid as well, marking strikers as strong as he markup good combination of clothes.


Neymar’s fashion sense is evidently scrolling through rolls of styles, the Brazilian international dubbed as the pop star of football. Neymar’s sartorial taste continue to work wonderfully, as we all know he’d take the crown for Mr.swagger.


Bellerin could win a contest based on style, but if he’s to carry his team (Arsenal) top the table that pretty challenging.  The Spanish right-back showed how caught up he is on the latest fashion trends than he could run 100 meters on his wing.


Ronaldo no doubt has high perchance for fashion, the Portuguese international attract enough paparazzi for his stylish and classic dress sense just as he does on the pitch.


The name David Beckham itself is a fashion brand he has been a model and a fashion inspiration for many men, whether he’s in a suit, sweatshirt or just on the out for a run, the England international never get it wrong, he’s no doubt the most stylish footballer.




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