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The Touching Story Behind Lionel Messi’s 5 Most Iconic Goal Celebrations



How frequently have we seen Lionel Messi wheel away in celebration with two fingers pointing towards the sky? Unquestionably more that we want to count, but why does the Argentine celebrate in such gesture? It turns out there is an uncommon clarification behind the 30-year-old’s most loved way to goal celebration.

Messi has given us some paramount and memorable goal celebration as a Barcelona player. Prominent illustrations include the way he kissed his boot subsequent to scoring past Edwin Van der Saar in the 2009 Champions League final and the way he exhibited his shirt a baying Bernabeu crowd in last April’s ‘Clásico’. These are two cases that will positively live long in the memory of football fans.

                                                                                          Pointing To The Sky

Nonetheless, it is prominent that after all these celebrations Messi dependably makes a similar motion, looking to the sky and pointing upwards with the two index fingers. The explanation for this gesture is believed to be his maternal grandma, Celia. Celia passed away when Messi was only 10 years of age and she left a colossal impact on the Rosario-born star.

Things being what they are it was Messi’s grandma who took him to a football pitch interestingly for the first time, back when he was only four. Celia ended up arguing with the coach, who would not like to play Messi because of his little stature. In any case, Celia’s resistance paid off, the young Lionel Messi was brought on as a substitute and scored two goals as his team won the match.

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Messi spoke of the celebration at a UNICEF convention, as reported by Marca (h/t Goal) in 2010, while Cristina Cubero of Mundo Deportivo (in Spanish) reported Messi’s words on the same celebration the year previous:

I think about her a lot, I would have loved that she was here in the stadium, watching me, enjoying it. She gave us everything, myself and my cousins would fight to sleep in her house, she cared for all of us.

I can’t say something, in particular, it was everything about her, her character, how she treated us, how she loved us.

I dedicate my goals and my triumphs to her, I want her to be here but she left us before she could see me succeed. I would have brought her to Barcelona.

Henceforth why each time the Barcelona man has scored one of his 500+ career goals he has committed and dedicated it to his grandma who was a huge part of his family and fundamental mainstay of his footballing profession.

                                                                            Call Me, Maybe?

Everyone adores a decent theory in the footballing scene to attempt to influence a remark of nothing—and there was bounty gliding around after Messi annihilated the Celta Vigo defense as of late.

The relentless talisman scored twice, set up two increasingly and helped Barca to a 5-0 triumph in March, keeping up the pressure on Real Madrid all the while.

After his initial—a colossal solo goal that left a few defenders handling slim air and gave the goalkeeper no way with the shot—Messi celebrated with his colleagues and afterward indicated to the stands, made a “telephone call” signal with his hand to his ear and had something of a genuine and serious look about him.

What did it mean? Who was it aimed for? Furthermore, why did Sergio Ramos soon need to announce he did it first?

The majority of the social media recommendations pronounced it was towards the board, maybe to accelerate contract talks—but soon a short time later it was uncovered to be aimed the way for his nephew instead.

Per Sport, Gerard Romero told the Moguts pel Barca show: “Leo Messi devoted the goal to his nephew who spent the evening calling him. He rang him throughout the evening, which was exceptionally irritating. That was repeated by Messi in the
goal celebration.”


Messi will now and again draw out an option of celebration before the sky-pointing starts, denoting an especially uncommon hit or earth shattering event with its own image.

The Argentinian may be a world-renowned footballer, but at the same time he’s an incredible family man; he now has two children, Thiago, born in 2012, and Mateo, conceived in 2015. The latter’s birth to the world matched with a fixture against Atletico Madrid and, with Messi commonly finding the scoresheet, a recognizable goal celebration in the football world to imply an infant was seen—thumb-sucking.

Per Ed Malyon of the Mirror, Messi hadn’t trained for two weeks before the game and started the match from the bench.

His second-half appearance helped Barca topple a 1-0 shortage to win 2-1 at the Vicente Calderon, with Luis Enrique expressing that “Messi was unequivocal, as he generally is!”

Obviously, that early-season result supported Barcelona’s title mission as they ran out La Liga winners by a solitary point last term, with Messi netting 26 times altogether. In any case, maybe that solitary strike at Atletico, coming when it did, implied only somewhat more to the Barca No. 10.

                                                                                          No Celebration

Messi isn’t always happy at finding the back of the net, however. There are times when, for whatever reason, the professional anger boils too closely to the surface to let any elation shine through—even in what would usually be euphoric moments.

Like a last-minute winner, for example.

As recently as February, Messi was again pivotal in Barca taking three points, scoring twice in a 2-1 win over lowly Leganes, with his second coming from the penalty spot in injury time to keep Barca on Real’s coat-tails and avoid embarrassment against one of La Liga’s smaller sides.

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It wasn’t followed by joyous scenes, though, as Messi instead merely returned to the center of the pitch—and the jeers that came before the cheers in the crowd may have had something to do with it.

The Leganes game came directly after the 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League, a defeat that came complete with accusations of Messi not performing well from some sections of the media as well as from Barcelona supporters, perhaps quick to forget all he has accomplished.

AS ran a feature on Messi’s “worst performance in a Barcelona shirt,” ESPN FC suggested similar and highlighted him losing the ball before one of PSG’s goals, rating him four out of 10, and Goal reported former France coach Raymond Domenech’s scathing comments in L’Equipe.

“The image that remains from the first leg is Presnel Kimpembe getting the better of Messi through power,” Domenech is quoted as saying. “Messi does not have the energy he had when he was 20 years old. It is not easy to see that gradually he is losing his gifts. He is more calculated now. He has lost that spontaneity and strength in his dribbling.”

Days later, Messi had won the game for Barca against Leganes, and then-Argentina boss Edgardo Bauza was in no doubt that the No. 10 was fuming over those combined viewpoints on him having lost his edge.

Speaking on Joga Bonito (h/t Goal), Bauza said Messi had “reacted to the criticism” with his non-celebration.

If a match-winner from the penalty spot showed Messi didn’t appreciate some of the words, perhaps his Clasico performance was aimed rather more specifically at those who agreed with Domenech.

Losing his gifts? Perhaps the former France boss was in the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday, and Messi had to remind him of just who he was talking about.

                                                                                        MSN Gang-Trident

There are varieties of this specific goal celebration, many now given the trio being referred to share such a significant number of goals between them: 90 in La Liga alone last term and 64 league play so far.

Yet, doubtlessly that since the MSN attacking triumvirate has turned into a marvel, images of them celebrating together have turned out to be mind boggling notable.

The main outstanding image of them celebrating a goal together came at the Camp Nou in 2015, with Barca beating Atletico Madrid. Messi hit the third and the troika kept running off in tandem, celebrating a hard-battled three points, prompting pictures from all points and distances of the above scene.

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Barca Magazine (h/t the club’s authentic site) addressed a Reuters picture taker who caught the moment may be superior to any other individual, Albert Gea.

While a significant part of the discussion focused on the specialized territories of Gea’s work inside the Camp Nou, more than one part of his work right at that moment mirrors the on-pitch characteristics the forward trident tends to show:

Neymar, after Messi scored, started celebrating and linked arms with Suárez and Messi and ran towards the grandstand, more or less in a direct line to where I was positioned. I started taking rapid fire photos, about nine a second, and then I switched to a wide lens.

I was lucky because I instinctively changed the camera before anyone else did. I moved to a shorter lens and that meant the three players were perfectly framed in the picture. Other photographers got some good pictures too but didn’t catch the scene quite as completely as I could. The key was my lens and my position next to the pitch.

But things will turn out different this season with the shocking world-record transfer PSG pulled off for Neymar after meeting up his buy-out clause, and the arrival of Barca historical signing Ousmane Dembele would see and end to the MSN gang and perhaps a more definitive laughing gang ” LOL”



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