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The Secret Messi Didn’t Want The Public To Know About



Barcelona superstar may have missed Barca’s stalemate with Malaga over the weekend,but the Argentine international didn’t missed he’s sense of gesture,as a journalist revealed the secret Messi didn’t want the world to know about.

Messi made audacious moves for leading a boycott over the harsh Marijuana saga the media painted his teammate Ezequiel Lavezzi,he’s being on the headlines of the country’s paper.

Now in what seems to be a silent treat,the Barcelona star personally pays for the unpaid wages of the national team security staff.

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According to reports a security man named Juan Palo Varsky did approached Messi and explained the ordeal the security workers are facing, not been paid for several months.

“Lionel Messi was in his room waiting for the game against Brazil in Belo Horizonte, when a knock at the door came,” Varsky said, speaking on Metro 95.1 radio.

“Two or three people appeared, all from the security team who look after the Argentine team and they said ‘Leo, we have to talk with you. For five or six months they have not paid us. The situation is complicated, you are the captain of the team, you know us, we are asking for your help.’”

Varsky said the captain prefer his good-deeds to be a silent thing,rather than going public.

“When Messi finds out that someone told this,he will be furious, but it doesn’t matter,” he said. “There are a lot of actions he doesn’t want people to know about but I thought it pertinent to tell this because there is no reason not to, save for his anger.”

And regardless of what deeds we all do,it will surely comes out to public ears….

Either good or bad.

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Muyiwa is an ardent follower of everything football. Fascinated by the beauty of the game, he takes pleasure in penning down his opinion about a sport that has more lovers than haters. PS: He loves Barcelona for making football look easier than it actually is.

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