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The La Liga Record Lionel Messi Can Still Catch But Ronaldo Can’t



Lionel Messi missed Barcelona‘s 5-4 loss to Levante at the end of the week, bringing him more like an unduly curious record his peers have zero chance of catching up with.

The mind-blowing first loss of the season to Levante at the Ciutat de Valencia is as yet cutting deep with the Barca players.

For Andres Iniesta (440), it implies he misses the opportunity to overtake Donato (443) as the player with the most matches played without conceding at least five goals in La Liga, falling short on three.

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Presently, after Messi was rested for Sunday’s loss, he is the closest footballer capable of getting the former Deportivo La Coruna player. On 417, he needs only 27 more low-scoring games to break another record.

On the off chance that all things go accordingly, Messi could outperform the figure next season. Considering Barcelona’s past five-nil pounding (5-1 to Malaga at La Rosaleda) was 15 years back, one would anticipate that they will arrange the season without encountering a comparable outcome to the one at Levante.

In Spain, neither Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, nor Marcelo, in fact, any of the present Real Madrid squad, could get the record after ‘Los Blancos’ suffered a 2-6 whipping to Barcelona in 2008-09 and afterward a 5-0 one in 2010.

It appears this is one record their old adversaries are intended to break.



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