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The Journey Of A Kid Who Sleeps On A Concrete Bed To The Most Successful Player In Football History



The remarkable journey of Dani Alves, the kid who went from sleeping on a concrete bed in a mud house on his father’s ranch to winning 35 official trophies as a professional footballer.

He may now be one of the world’s best right-backs but Alves’ underlying foundations were planted in north-east Brazil, where his character was shaped by his dad, Seu Domingos.

His 4 siblings clarify that, at just six years of age, Dani wouldn’t quit signing his name everywhere on the walls in the house, and also his notepads, claiming that he was practicing his signature for the day he would be known everywhere throughout the world.

His father, Domingos Alves Da Silva, an agriculturist, clarifies that when Dani was a kid, he was at that point not quite the same as the others kids. From an early age, Dani woke up with his dad at 4 a.m. to help him to work in the fields of Salitre, a town found 30 km a long way from Juazeiro.

He would help his father eagerly, with no rest, working the land and confronting the repeating issue of wet and dry seasons. Such complexities transformed agro-business into a troublesome method to bring home the bacon as one season was prosperous but the following season was certainly not yielding.

Alves grew up working close to his dad, growing melons, tomatoes, and onions on leased land in Umbuzeiro. It was there that Domingos set up a football team, enabling his child to develop as a winger.

As he didn’t score enough goals as a winger, he was inevitably moved to the back of the pitch to end up noticeably as a right-back – a position he still plays now. His offensive playing style can without much of a stretch be comprehended by considering his past position as a winger.

The person in charge of moving Alves to his present position was a coach named Caboclinho. Dani and history have proved he settled on the right choice. No one would have imagined that later on, Dani Alves would be one of the best right back in the world.

At 13 years old, Alves left home for the state capital of Salvador, where he made 25 appearances for Esporte Clube Bahia before completing a move to Sevilla.

The rest, as it’s been said, is history. Alves put in six years effective years with Sevilla and afterward moved to Barcelona in a transfer worth £23m, where he made 247 appearances with the Catalan giants and put his name in football history books.

In June 2016, Juventus announced the signing of Alves and the right-back lifted Serie A, and in addition the Copa Italia in his first and final season in Turin. At that point, in his most recent adventure, he moved to France with PSG, where he kicked-off by lifting the French Super Cup.

On the off chance that Dani Alves adds another trophy to his stellar gathering, he will end up being the most decorated footballer in history. Right now he shares the accolades with Ryan Giggs and Kenny Dalglish, who had also won 35 trophies in their professional careers.

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