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Strange But True ! Ex- Black Star Confessed Using Black Magic To Upgrade His Career



Ex- Black star player Sam Johnson has confessed using black magic popularly known “juju” in an attempt to upgrade his playing career. Johnson, who represented Ghana 45 times, enjoyed an illustrious stint with Belgian side Anderlecht as well as Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahçe.

The former Ghana player has made a startling disclosure about he seek divine manipulation ( intervention) with specialists (Witch Doctors) in a bid to enhance his game and break the curse o niggling injuries.

“There is Juju in football and any footballer who says otherwise is a liar. I’ve practiced it before,” he told Happy Fm’s Anopa Bosuo Sports,

“I used it to play football for a longer period but it got to a time I decided to stop because it wasn’t helping like the way I anticipated but I think it did a lot for me also.

“I’m now a born again Christian and won’t advise any body to venture into that because football at moment has changed a lot from our time, it has evolved.”

Reports that superstitious football player are paying a tremendous sum of money to witch doctors in a bid to upgrade their level in their professional career is not new.

The players visit Juju men in West Africa, where they are shown to lead strange and sacrificial rituals that are also said to break the curse of injury.

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