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Solskjaer Yearning To Bring The Best Out Of ‘Terrific Lad’ Pogba



Manchester United interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is savouring the huge challenge of getting the best out of Paul Pogba, having tended to a questionable social media post with the Manchester United star.

Subsequent to saying farewell to the unyielding methodology of Jose Mourinho, few people have suggested that Manchester United have gone excessively far in introducing former Old Trafford forward Solskjaer as interim manager, with the Norwegian coming back to take a job at United out of the blue since he filled in as reserve coach between 2008 and 2011.

The 45-year old worked with Pogba at that time, but the France midfielder has since departed for Juventus, returned in a club-record move and won the World Cup in Russia and now much of a social-media big boy,

Solskjaer, known for his ever radiating smile and delicate nature, the Norwegian came back to the club this week in the midst of cases he will be excessively soft on United’s pampered first-team squad. Also, his potential plans for France midfielder were a specific bone of contention.

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Whenever Mourinho and Pogba clashed, Manchester United results began to suffer the consequence subsequently, it was the Portuguese who lost his job and the player who got the chance to convey a non-too inconspicuous smirk on social-media. For United to then approach Solskjaer to man the club for six months appeared to send a further message of help to Pogba given Solskjaer past remarks with respect to the Frenchman.

“He’s a World Cup winner,” Solskjaer said. “Paul’s a terrific lad. When I had him as a kid as well, he was always the happy-go-lucky lad and he’s not changed personality-wise.

“He’s a better player and, of course, he’s one I want to get the best out of. You have so many quality players that I want to try to get the best out of and he’s no different to anybody else.”

Pogba was in the spotlight again this week, however, when a social media post, published minutes after Mourinho’s sacking, was deemed to have mocked the outgoing manager.

Gary Neville was vocal in his criticism of Pogba afterwards, although the player’s team insisted it was a pre-scheduled post not intended to cause a stir.

“We’ve spoken about what we expect, what standards we have on and off the pitch,” Solskjaer stated.

You prepare for every game, I trust the lads to know what they’re doing to help the team. Everything we do is to help the team.

Football is developing, the structure of the club has developed, but the power is with the manager. He picks the team, he picks the tactics, the strategy, the philosophy is in these walls,” he said. “So that legacy is more important than any player power because I have to say being a part of Man United and being a Man United player is a privilege.

But the world’s changed now. I’m not into this social media – my kids are. I am that old that I’m not on Twitter and Facebook – maybe Facebook’s old now – but it’s just common sense for me and I’ve spoken to [Pogba] about that.

“We can move this forward and we have one target: that we succeed. And we do that as a team.”

Solskjaer is now keen to see the United squad enjoying their football, although he believes this has always been the case for players at Old Trafford.

“I don’t know if they haven’t enjoyed it because I haven’t asked them about it,” he said.

“My job is to make them play their best football and enjoy football because, when you’re a kid, you love playing football. I’m sure they must enjoy going out at Old Trafford.

“Everyone starts with a clean slate, everyone is now a part of Man United with me as the coach or manager, and I always feel players play better when they’re happy. That’s just the way I will manage them.

“I’m not going to go into whether they haven’t been [enjoying themselves]. I think they have been.”




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