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Sex Tape Scandal: Real Madrid Star Lash Out On Mathieu Valbuena



France and Los Blancos striker Karim Benzema has lashed out on national teammate Mathieu Valbuena, laying the fault for the aftermath of a sex tape scandal decisively on the shoulders of the alleged victim on Tuesday.

Valbuena and Benzema both missed the Euro 2016 competition on home soil after an investigation was propelled into the alleged blackmail in a sex-tape outrage which is probably going to go to court in France not long from now.

Investigators speculate Benzema of going about as an intermediary between the assumed blackmailers, including one of his adolescence companions, and Lyon midfielder Valbuena.

However, in an interview with French sports daily L’Equipe on Tuesday, Benzema went accusing Valbuena of lying just two days ahead of France naming their squad for the forthcoming 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

“He called me scum, said I’d threatened him, made up all kinds of stuff,” said Benzema, who remains in international exile with his last France appearance in October 2015.

“He’s dragged me through the dirt and sullied my family name,” he said. “He’s got to stop this nonsense.

“He’s truly got the chance to quit making things up. His continued lying is making me distraught. Everything originated from him this sex-tape business. All he needed to say was the truth in regards to what truly happened.”

The 29-year-old Benzema is in his eighth season at Real Madrid and is broadly seen as one of the best forwards in Europe.

“I’d be delighted to play in blue (France ) once more,” he included. “I’d always play for France with the same enthusiasm.”

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