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“Seriously Don’t Ask Me For Interviews Again’ – Mario Balotelli



Italian and former Liverpool Forward Mario Balotelli has given out a firm warning to media outlet as he was upset at how his quotes were taken out of context and have promised not to give out any more interviews.

In a boundless meeting on French radio station RMC with Christophe Dugarry on Wednesday, Balotelli talked about his encounters of torment about racist abuse on the pitch.

The former AC Milan striker likewise revealed his expectations of accepting an international call-up to come back to the Italy squad, but it was his remarks about PSG forward Cavani that stood out as truly newsworthy.

Balotelli depicted Cavani as “not a phenomenon” and said he appraised Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao as better players in Ligue 1, but the Italian hit out in an online post about the way his quotes were portrayed.

“I spoke about amazing young players, I spoke about racism, I spoke about Italy, all those newspaper could get was about the Cavani story… you just ridiculous seriously…,” Balotelli wrote on Instagram.

“Seriously don’t ask me for interviews again… no one. Balotelli isn’t a game, [he] is a person with [an] opinion so get your owns [sic] to judge on it.

“Really isn’t the fact of another stupid lie story coming out that bothers me but the fact that I spoke about society real problem and all that they could get was that? That’s why the society and new generation will grow weaker and weaker.”


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