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Semedo Held A Gun To My Head And Yell : Your Name Is On The Bullet, I’m Going To Kill You’



According to a report from Spain, Semedo has reportedly been arrested following a violent incident at his home, in which he is said to have to tied up and assaulted a man.

Reuben Semedo‘s victim has given a spine-chilling articulation, claiming the defender used a homerun bat and golf clubs to beat him and threatened to kill him with a gun.

The victim’s account of what happened appeared as though they’ve been drawn from a scene of Narcos or another mafia-style ‘Netflix’ series. Semedo remains in custody

As per ‘Diario Levante‘, the victim portrayed his awful experience to the police. In the wake of going intentionally to the footballer’s home, he was ambushed by Semedo, who was holding up with his cousin and someone else with golf clubs and slugging sticks to beat him until the point when he lost consciousness.

In the wake of coming back around, the victim saw it was Semedo who was “giving orders and hitting the most,” underlining that he even went to the extent of pointing a gun to his victim’s head and yelling “I’m going to kill you.”

The Villarreal centre-back supposedly showed him the bullets as he places them into the gun, saying that they had the man’s name written on them.

Hands and feet tied, the assaultee said that Semedo threatened to cut his little finger off on the off chance that he didn’t tell the Portuguese international where another man lived who owed him 5,000 euros.

To buy some time, he gave them a phoney address, however, he was then hurled into a little, dark room. The men took his home keys with a specific end goal to burgle him, looting a lot of cash and watches.

When they returned in the early hours of the morning, Semedo gave death threats again and the victim brought them to the place of the friend that evidently owed them the suppose cash.

Fortunately, when his abductors were distracted, then the victim was able to bolt away from the scene.

Speaking to Guardia Civil who arrest Ruben Semedo at his home where they found the firearm alongside golf clubs, baseball bats, ropes and splatters of blood in the carport where everything occurred.

Meanwhile, the club releases an official statement regarding the issue:

“Following the events that have been revealed this morning regarding our first team footballer Ruben Semedo, Villarreal wants to express its maximum concern and announces it has opened a disciplinary file on the player to investigate what happened.

“The club will take the necessary disciplinary measures it deems pertinent with maximum rigour and strictness in view of the severity of the events.”

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