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Science Explains Lionel Messi Architectural Stunner In Copa Del Rey Final



Lionel Messi‘s opening goal in the 2015 Copa del Rey final was so awesome to the point that it is as yet the subject of talk, civil argument and expert analysis about a year and a half later.

The stunning goal being referred to was picked as the best in Barca’s cutting-edge history by readers of Catalan top media outlet ‘Sport’, nominated for the 2015 Puskas Award and now it has been the subject of scientific study.

Lionel Messi left Athletico Bilbao players scrambling for balance before smashing home past a vulnerable Iago Herrerin at his near post in an enticing and tantalising solo display of footballing brilliance.

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Another truly fascinating fact is that amid Lionel Messi 60-yard dribble to goal, the ball is only more than two feet far from Messi’s body twice, which is an astounding testament to his close control at speed.

The control that Messi kept up is also astounding as the analysis found that the ball only left his feet by more than two feet on two events all through the dribble and that the Argentine required just 1.2 seconds to beat the four Bilbao defender on the close sideline.

As per the investigation, Messi ran 55 meters in 11.4 seconds, going from stationary to 32 km/h in just 2.7 seconds all while having the ball under control, before slowing down, beating three Bilbao players with three touches in just 1.2 seconds before cutting inside a defender and hitting a shot that measured 77 km/h with just a 1.5mm edge for blunder.

Thus, the speculation is… Messi’s good at football.

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