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Schuster – It’s Beautiful To See Ronaldo’s Face When He Doesn’t Score



Former Real Madrid manager Bernd Schuster talked about the present issue at the Santiago Bernabeu and he surely didn’t stay quiet when it came to giving his opinions on, for instance, Ronaldo‘s dry spell in front of goal.

Schuster insisted he isn’t reading excessively into Real Madrid’s present terrible run of form after the last two thrashings on account of Girona and Tottenham.

“It’s normal. It’s the first signs of fatigue of the season, but they have a lot of experience and the results will come,” the German coach said.

On Ronaldo’s barren spell in front of goal in La Liga, Schuster compared his situation to that of Raul whilst he was in the dugout at the Bernabeu.

“It’s not worrying. It’s clear that coaches have the obligation to make sure their players return to form. It’s beautiful to see Ronaldo’s face when he doesn’t score. I saw the same with Raul and when they don’t score, strikers get so angry because that’s their job.”

Schuster think that letting Alvaro Morata leave for Stamford Bridge in the summer transfer window wasn’t a good piece of business for Los Blancos.

“I was very disappointed at Morata’s departure and they will feel his loss during the whole season, but Real Madrid have many different possibilities and options, that’s why they’re one of the best teams.”

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