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Ronaldo: Griezmann Hates Me



Athletico forward Antoine Griezmann looks like he doesn’t have any slight fond for Madrid’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo seeing him on the football pitch, as the France international as lost two Champions League final and also losing to Ronaldo’s Portugal in the final of UEFA EURO 2016.

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The 25-year old Frenchman has bumped out his frustration on the Portuguese international.

It’s funny because shortly after the final, while I was on holiday in Miami, I met Antoine Griezmann in a restaurant where he was dining with his fiancée. He came over to my table and said with a sly smile, ‘Cristiano, I hate you!'” Ronaldo explained.

Although Griezmann might have jokingly vented out his frustration, but the “hate” word just sums out the frustration the Frenchman has on Ronaldo, having lost three finals consecutively to Ronaldo or should we analyse it that the Portuguese star has HEXED Griezmann.

Also just over the weekend Ronaldo’s hat-trick sink Athletico’s ship in a deep mess and Griezmann seems stocked with Ronaldo always getting the better of him.

Though this season is still fresh and new, Griezmann can still vent out his frustration back on him, making a score by defeating the Portuguese international if luckily they meet in any final.

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