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Rival Plate Fan ‘Neris’ Murdered Aftermath Of Copa Libertadores Final



River Plate emerged triumphant from the controversial Copa Libertadores final in Madrid, but two Boca Junior fans have been accused of killing one of River plate’s fans in the aftermath of the crucial clash.

Subsequent of celebrating the extra-time triumph against a fierce rival, Exequiel Aaron Neris, was murdered in the Misiones area. As reported by the Clarin paper, the 21-year-old was ambushed by two Boca Juniors supporters, before he was lethally stabbed to death in his left leg, with the blade disjoining the femoral artery.

Regardless of being treated on the scene, Neris later died in hospital but was able to speak to his mother before he kicked the bucket

I’m dying, I’m dying, they attacked me for celebrating the result, because I’m a River fan,” he explained to her.

Lucia Ramona Neris was also quoted in the Diario de Misiones, confirming just what had happened to her son.

They killed my son, he was just walking, he had surgery and three nails in one leg after a motorcycle crash a few months ago,” she intimated.

“They attacked him even though he was hardly walking.

They hurt him like a defenceless dog.

Boca Juniors and River Plate are the two biggest and top clubs in Argentina. River plate brags a record 36 league titles, but Boca are getting up to speed, winning three of the last four League titles to proceed onward to 33.

The apparent class divide has affected the teams’ styles of play. River Plates considers themselves to be a progressive team, whose playing philosophy isn’t just to win but to entertain their fans.

While Boca Juniors are known historically for their increasingly innovative and industrious never-die attitude.

All things considered, violence has long grasped their meetings, dating back to the first official clash between the two in 1913, when a paper report at the time referred to “pugilistic scenes“.



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