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Riquelme : I Switch To Other Channel When Maradona Speaks, I Don’t Care What He Has To Say



Former Villareal midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme responded to Maradona’s criticism but chose his words carefully when referring to the Argentine legend.

Riquelme addressed ‘FOX Sports’ to break down Boca Juniors’ present situation and the most recent statement made by Maradona and Tevez.

‘I know Tevez since I was a kid, I can only say he is a decent fellow. We were not teammates at Boca Juniors, I want him to enjoy all that life has to offer. I hope he is making the most of his time where he is. I was sufficiently fortunate to have many teammates, with some I get along better than with others.

But we were fine, if people are fond of me it must be on the grounds that we made a decent job on the pitch’, he said in regards to the Argentine striker, who as of late ticked the playmaker off in an interview.

Riquelme called upon his titles to defend himself: ‘If the club has 6 Copa Libertadores and my teammates helped me win three, I think I have not hurt this team that much’.

Riquelme opted not to talk about Maradona, with whom he doesn’t have a relationship with. ‘ At a point when Maradona speaks I change the channel, I don’t care what he has to say. My companions also realize that they can’t speak to me about him. I don’t care what he says or does’, he added.

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