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Reza Parastesh, Lionel Messi Lookalike Arrested In Iran



An Iranian understudy, Reza Parastesh, has been taken to a police headquarters at the weekend since he looks excessively like Lionel Messi.

Honestly, a significant number of Lionel Messi fans would wish to have the five-time world footballer of the year footballing skills, as well as would love to get an autograph, a signed jersey or a tattoo of their football icon.

Notwithstanding what you hunger for to have the Argentine look, skills or profile, it wouldn’t coordinate with this uncanny similarity of Reza Parastesh, who was picture embellishing Barcelona jersey.

in spite of the fact that it brought about him “chilling” off with the police after he was whisked off to the police headquarters, after excessively numerous individuals wanted pictures with him and as a result of this causing public

The similarity is striking to the point that Eurosport UK was allegedly utilised his photo rather than that of the Barcelona star in one of their reports.

The controversy started a couple of months prior when the Messi carbon copy’s father made him pose in a number 10 Barcelona shirt. Reza Parastesh soon began trimming his hair and prepping his beard like the Argentina forward.

“Presently individuals truly consider me to be the Iranian Messi and wants me to imitate all that he does. When I show up somewhere, people are truly stunned”, he told AFP.

“I’m truly glad that seeing me makes them happy and this joy gives me a great deal of vitality.”

The 25-year-old is completely reserved with media interview and has even landed top modelling contracts.  He additionally says that he is taking a shot at some football tricks so he can assume the part better.

A few days back he claimed he got a welcome invitation from Lionel Messi. On his approach to Barcelona to meet his legend.

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What would you have done if you looked to some extent like a standout amongst the most well-known footballers on Earth?



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