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Premier League Fixtures 2019/20: Liverpool Face Norwich, Man Utd Host Chelsea



Premier League Fixtures 2019/20: Liverpool Face Norwich, Man Utd Host Chelsea 1

The Premier League 2019/2020 season is practically around the corner as the full list of fixtures were revealed earlier today.

Defending champions Manchester City will open their title defence with a trip to the London to face West Ham United, but it’s Liverpool who open the 2019/20 season on the evening of Friday 9 August when they take on newly promoted and Championship winners Norwich City.

Manchester United will host Chelsea at  Old Trafford in the highlight fixture of the opening weekend on Sunday 11 August.

Arsenal will travel to St James Park for their opening fixture of the new season, before facing Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United within their first seven Premier League matches.

While, Tottenham Hotspur will face play-off champions Aston Villa, while Sheffield United end their top-tier exile with a trip to Bournemouth.

Download the digital calender for 2019/20 Premier League fixtures

Full Fixture


09/08/2019 20:00 Liverpool v Norwich City

10/08/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Sheffield United

10/08/2019 15:00 Burnley v Southampton

10/08/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Everton

10/08/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Wolverhampton

10/08/2019 17:30 Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa

10/08/2019 15:00 Watford v Brighton

10/08/2019 12:30 West Ham United v Manchester City

11/08/2019 16:30 Manchester United v Chelsea

11/08/2019 14:00 Newcastle United v Arsenal


17/08/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Burnley

17/08/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v A.F.C. Bournemouth

17/08/2019 15:00 Brighton v West Ham United

17/08/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Leicester City

17/08/2019 15:00 Everton v Watford

17/08/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur

17/08/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Newcastle United

17/08/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Crystal Palace

17/08/2019 15:00 Southampton v Liverpool

17/08/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Manchester United


24/08/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Manchester City

24/08/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Everton

24/08/2019 15:00 Brighton v Southampton

24/08/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Arsenal

24/08/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Crystal Palace

24/08/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Chelsea

24/08/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Leicester City

24/08/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United

24/08/2019 15:00 Watford v West Ham United

24/08/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Burnley


31/08/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

31/08/2019 15:00 Burnley v Liverpool

31/08/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Sheffield United

31/08/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

31/08/2019 15:00 Everton v Wolverhampton

31/08/2019 15:00 Leicester City v A.F.C. Bournemouth

31/08/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Brighton

31/08/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Watford

31/08/2019 15:00 Southampton v Manchester United

31/08/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Norwich City


14/09/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Everton

14/09/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v West Ham United

14/09/2019 15:00 Brighton v Burnley

14/09/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Newcastle United

14/09/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Leicester City

14/09/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Manchester City

14/09/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Southampton

14/09/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace

14/09/2019 15:00 Watford v Arsenal

14/09/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Chelsea


21/09/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Aston Villa

21/09/2019 15:00 Burnley v Norwich City

21/09/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Liverpool

21/09/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton

21/09/2019 15:00 Everton v Sheffield United

21/09/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur

21/09/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Watford

21/09/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Brighton

21/09/2019 15:00 Southampton v A.F.C. Bournemouth

21/09/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Manchester United


28/09/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v West Ham United

28/09/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Burnley

28/09/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Brighton

28/09/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Norwich City

28/09/2019 15:00 Everton v Manchester City

28/09/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Newcastle United

28/09/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Arsenal

28/09/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Liverpool

28/09/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton

28/09/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Watford


05/10/2019 15:00 Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth

05/10/2019 15:00 Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur

05/10/2019 15:00 Burnley v Everton

05/10/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Leicester City

05/10/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Wolverhampton

05/10/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Manchester United

05/10/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Aston Villa

05/10/2019 15:00 Southampton v Chelsea

05/10/2019 15:00 Watford v Sheffield United

05/10/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Crystal Palace


19/10/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Norwich City

19/10/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Brighton

19/10/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Newcastle United

19/10/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Manchester City

19/10/2019 15:00 Everton v West Ham United

19/10/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Burnley

19/10/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Liverpool

19/10/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Arsenal

19/10/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Watford

19/10/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Southampton


26/10/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace

26/10/2019 15:00 Brighton v Everton

26/10/2019 15:00 Burnley v Chelsea

26/10/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

26/10/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Aston Villa

26/10/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Wolverhampton

26/10/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Manchester United

26/10/2019 15:00 Southampton v Leicester City

26/10/2019 15:00 Watford v A.F.C. Bournemouth

26/10/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Sheffield United


02/11/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Manchester United

02/11/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Wolverhampton

02/11/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Liverpool

02/11/2019 15:00 Brighton v Norwich City

02/11/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Leicester City

02/11/2019 15:00 Everton v Tottenham Hotspur

02/11/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Southampton

02/11/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Burnley

02/11/2019 15:00 Watford v Chelsea

02/11/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Newcastle United


09/11/2019 15:00 Burnley v West Ham United

09/11/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Crystal Palace

09/11/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Arsenal

09/11/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Manchester City

09/11/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Brighton

09/11/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v A.F.C. Bournemouth

09/11/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Watford

09/11/2019 15:00 Southampton v Everton

09/11/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield United

09/11/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Aston Villa


23/11/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Wolverhampton

23/11/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Southampton

23/11/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Newcastle United

23/11/2019 15:00 Brighton v Leicester City

23/11/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Liverpool

23/11/2019 15:00 Everton v Norwich City

23/11/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Chelsea

23/11/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Manchester United

23/11/2019 15:00 Watford v Burnley

23/11/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur


30/11/2019 15:00 Burnley v Crystal Palace

30/11/2019 15:00 Chelsea v West Ham United

30/11/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Everton

30/11/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Brighton

30/11/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Aston Villa

30/11/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Manchester City

30/11/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Arsenal

30/11/2019 15:00 Southampton v Watford

30/11/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v A.F.C. Bournemouth

30/11/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Sheffield United


03/12/2019 19:45 Arsenal v Brighton

03/12/2019 19:45 Burnley v Manchester City

03/12/2019 19:45 Leicester City v Watford

03/12/2019 20:00 Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

03/12/2019 19:45 Sheffield United v Newcastle United

03/12/2019 19:45 Wolverhampton v West Ham United

04/12/2019 19:45 Chelsea v Aston Villa

04/12/2019 20:00 Crystal Palace v A.F.C. Bournemouth

04/12/2019 20:00 Liverpool v Everton

04/12/2019 19:45 Southampton v Norwich City


07/12/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Liverpool

07/12/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Leicester City

07/12/2019 15:00 Brighton v Wolverhampton

07/12/2019 15:00 Everton v Chelsea

07/12/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Manchester United

07/12/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Southampton

07/12/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Sheffield United

07/12/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley

07/12/2019 15:00 Watford v Crystal Palace

07/12/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Arsenal


14/12/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester City

14/12/2019 15:00 Burnley v Newcastle United

14/12/2019 15:00 Chelsea v A.F.C. Bournemouth

14/12/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v Brighton

14/12/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Norwich City

14/12/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Watford

14/12/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Everton

14/12/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Aston Villa

14/12/2019 15:00 Southampton v West Ham United

14/12/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur


21/12/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Burnley

21/12/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Southampton

21/12/2019 15:00 Brighton v Sheffield United

21/12/2019 15:00 Everton v Arsenal

21/12/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Leicester City

21/12/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Crystal Palace

21/12/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Wolverhampton

21/12/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

21/12/2019 15:00 Watford v Manchester United

21/12/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Liverpool


26/12/2019 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Arsenal

26/12/2019 15:00 Aston Villa v Norwich City

26/12/2019 15:00 Chelsea v Southampton

26/12/2019 15:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham United

26/12/2019 15:00 Everton v Burnley

26/12/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Liverpool

26/12/2019 15:00 Manchester United v Newcastle United

26/12/2019 15:00 Sheffield United v Watford

26/12/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton

26/12/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Manchester City


28/12/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Chelsea

28/12/2019 15:00 Brighton v A.F.C. Bournemouth

28/12/2019 15:00 Burnley v Manchester United

28/12/2019 15:00 Liverpool v Wolverhampton

28/12/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Sheffield United

28/12/2019 15:00 Newcastle United v Everton

28/12/2019 15:00 Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur

28/12/2019 15:00 Southampton v Crystal Palace

28/12/2019 15:00 Watford v Aston Villa

28/12/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Leicester City


01/01/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester United

01/01/2020 15:00 Brighton v Chelsea

01/01/2020 15:00 Burnley v Aston Villa

01/01/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Sheffield United

01/01/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Everton

01/01/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Leicester City

01/01/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Crystal Palace

01/01/2020 15:00 Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur

01/01/2020 15:00 Watford v Wolverhampton

01/01/2020 15:00 West Ham United v A.F.C. Bournemouth


11/01/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Watford

11/01/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Manchester City

11/01/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Burnley

11/01/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal

11/01/2020 15:00 Everton v Brighton

11/01/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Southampton

11/01/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Norwich City

11/01/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v West Ham United

11/01/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

11/01/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Newcastle United


18/01/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Sheffield United

18/01/2020 15:00 Brighton v Aston Villa

18/01/2020 15:00 Burnley v Leicester City

18/01/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Manchester United

18/01/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Crystal Palace

18/01/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Chelsea

18/01/2020 15:00 Norwich City v A.F.C. Bournemouth

18/01/2020 15:00 Southampton v Wolverhampton

18/01/2020 15:00 Watford v Tottenham Hotspur

18/01/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Everton


21/01/2020 19:45 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Brighton

21/01/2020 19:45 Aston Villa v Watford

21/01/2020 19:45 Everton v Newcastle United

21/01/2020 19:45 Leicester City v West Ham United

21/01/2020 20:00 Manchester United v Burnley

21/01/2020 19:45 Sheffield United v Manchester City

21/01/2020 19:45 Wolverhampton v Liverpool

22/01/2020 19:45 Chelsea v Arsenal

22/01/2020 20:00 Crystal Palace v Southampton

22/01/2020 19:45 Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City


01/02/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Aston Villa

01/02/2020 15:00 Burnley v Arsenal

01/02/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Sheffield United

01/02/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Chelsea

01/02/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Southampton

01/02/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Wolverhampton

01/02/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Norwich City

01/02/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City

01/02/2020 15:00 Watford v Everton

01/02/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Brighton


08/02/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Newcastle United

08/02/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur

08/02/2020 15:00 Brighton v Watford

08/02/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Manchester United

08/02/2020 15:00 Everton v Crystal Palace

08/02/2020 15:00 Manchester City v West Ham United

08/02/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Liverpool

08/02/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v A.F.C. Bournemouth

08/02/2020 15:00 Southampton v Burnley

08/02/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Leicester City


22/02/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Everton

22/02/2020 15:00 Burnley v A.F.C. Bournemouth

22/02/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

22/02/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Newcastle United

22/02/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Manchester City

22/02/2020 15:00 Liverpool v West Ham United

22/02/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Watford

22/02/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Brighton

22/02/2020 15:00 Southampton v Aston Villa

22/02/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Norwich City


29/02/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Chelsea

29/02/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Sheffield United

29/02/2020 15:00 Brighton v Crystal Palace

29/02/2020 15:00 Everton v Manchester United

29/02/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Arsenal

29/02/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Burnley

29/02/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Leicester City

29/02/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton

29/02/2020 15:00 Watford v Liverpool

29/02/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Southampton


07/03/2020 15:00 Arsenal v West Ham United

07/03/2020 15:00 Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur

07/03/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Everton

07/03/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Watford

07/03/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Aston Villa

07/03/2020 15:00 Liverpool v A.F.C. Bournemouth

07/03/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Manchester City

07/03/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Norwich City

07/03/2020 15:00 Southampton v Newcastle United

07/03/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Brighton


14/03/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Crystal Palace

14/03/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea

14/03/2020 15:00 Brighton v Arsenal

14/03/2020 15:00 Everton v Liverpool

14/03/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Burnley

14/03/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Sheffield United

14/03/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Southampton

14/03/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United

14/03/2020 15:00 Watford v Leicester City

14/03/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Wolverhampton


21/03/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Brighton

21/03/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace

21/03/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Sheffield United

21/03/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Aston Villa

21/03/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Everton

21/03/2020 15:00 Southampton v Arsenal

21/03/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United

21/03/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v A.F.C. Bournemouth


04/04/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Newcastle United

04/04/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Norwich City

04/04/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Wolverhampton

04/04/2020 15:00 Brighton v Manchester United

04/04/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Burnley

04/04/2020 15:00 Everton v Leicester City

04/04/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Liverpool

04/04/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Tottenham Hotspur

04/04/2020 15:00 Watford v Southampton

04/04/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Chelsea


11/04/2020 15:00 Burnley v Sheffield United

11/04/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Watford

11/04/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Crystal Palace

11/04/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Aston Villa

11/04/2020 15:00 Manchester United v A.F.C. Bournemouth

11/04/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v West Ham United

11/04/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Brighton

11/04/2020 15:00 Southampton v Manchester City

11/04/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

11/04/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Arsenal


18/04/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur

18/04/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Leicester City

18/04/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Manchester United

18/04/2020 15:00 Brighton v Liverpool

18/04/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Chelsea

18/04/2020 15:00 Everton v Southampton

18/04/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Newcastle United

18/04/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Wolverhampton

18/04/2020 15:00 Watford v Norwich City

18/04/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Burnley


25/04/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Leicester City

25/04/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

25/04/2020 15:00 Brighton v Manchester City

25/04/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Burnley

25/04/2020 15:00 Manchester United v Southampton

25/04/2020 15:00 Norwich City v West Ham United

25/04/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Chelsea

25/04/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

25/04/2020 15:00 Watford v Newcastle United

25/04/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Everton


02/05/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool

02/05/2020 15:00 Burnley v Wolverhampton

02/05/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Norwich City

02/05/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Manchester United

02/05/2020 15:00 Everton v Aston Villa

02/05/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Sheffield United

02/05/2020 15:00 Manchester City v A.F.C. Bournemouth

02/05/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur

02/05/2020 15:00 Southampton v Brighton

02/05/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Watford


09/05/2020 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Southampton

09/05/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Arsenal

09/05/2020 15:00 Brighton v Newcastle United

09/05/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Chelsea

09/05/2020 15:00 Manchester United v West Ham United

09/05/2020 15:00 Norwich City v Burnley

09/05/2020 15:00 Sheffield United v Everton

09/05/2020 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City

09/05/2020 15:00 Watford v Manchester City

09/05/2020 15:00 Wolverhampton v Crystal Palace


17/05/2020 15:00 Arsenal v Watford

17/05/2020 15:00 Burnley v Brighton

17/05/2020 15:00 Chelsea v Wolverhampton

17/05/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur

17/05/2020 15:00 Everton v A.F.C. Bournemouth

17/05/2020 15:00 Leicester City v Manchester United

17/05/2020 15:00 Manchester City v Norwich City

17/05/2020 15:00 Newcastle United v Liverpool

17/05/2020 15:00 Southampton v Sheffield United

17/05/2020 15:00 West Ham United v Aston Villa



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3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere



3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

The English Premier League has welcomed some of the best players in the history of football. Players from different continents have made a huge impact on the league with impressive performances. There are others who failed to impress and can be termed as flops.

The League is quite unique from other European leagues. It is more competitive, fierce, physically challenging in nature. Needless to say, a player who isn’t mentally and physically geared up for this will stumble under the pressure.

Established stars can fall by the wayside with their former successes and triumphs becoming nothing more than a footnote in the EPL. Impressively, some of these players put in impressive performances when they moved to other leagues.

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big In Other Leagues

  • Paulinho

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Following the impending sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, Tottenham bought several players, one of the players they bought was Paulinho.

Paulinho was signed from Corinthians in Brazil where he helped them win the Copa Libertadores, Brasileirao, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

They defeated Chelsea in the latter to lift the trophy. Importantly, he had just won the FIFA Confederations Cup with Brazil and was voted as the third-best player at the tournament.

He joined Tottenham as the club’s record signing in 2013, so a lot was expected of him. However, his performance was not as impressive as the club had envisaged. He was later sold to Guangzhou Evergrande in China at a loss.

The Brazilian’s transfer to the Chinese league resulted in a change of fortunes, as helped the club claim the Chinese league and the AFC Champions League title in his first season.

In the second, he was voted into the Chinese League team of the year in recognition of his performance. Also, he won the league, FA Cup, and Super Cup.

Although critics downplayed his performance, citing the standard of the Chinese league compared to the English league, Paulinho impressed in Spain too following a €40 million move to Barcelona.

Paulinho helped the club claim the league and the Copa del Rey trophy. His performance in his only season with Barcelona impressed Ronaldinho who said: “He really stood out.”

  • Iago Aspas

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Most Premier League fan remembers Aspas only as a Liverpool flop with the number 9 jersey. Aspas moved from boyhood club Celta Vigo to Liverpool for a deal estimated to be around £7.7 m, with Liverpool hoping to have unearthed a gem. However, that gem turns dregs, failing to score in any of his 14 league appearances.

After just one season, Liverpool decided that they have seen enough so they sent him on a season-long loan to Sevilla with an obligation to buy. In his season-long loan at the club, he was the joint top scorer in the Copa del Rey alongside Neymar with 7 goals and won the UEFA Europa League.

At the end of his season-long loan at Sevilla, the club signed him from Liverpool but sold him to Celta Vigo in the same transfer window. In every of his first 5 seasons at Celta Vigo, he scored in double digits.

In fact, in three of the 5 seasons, he won the Zarra Trophy awarded to the Spanish player with the most league goals in a season. As of December 2020, Aspas had won La Liga player of the month four times.

READ ALSO: 10 Premier League Players With Most Own Goals

  • Diego Forlan

3 Premier League Flops Who Made It Big Elsewhere

Perhaps, the most notable and interesting English Premier League flop who became a star in another League. He was not just impressive in another league; he was extraordinary with his National team Uruguay.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed Forlan in 2001 following the attacker’s impressive form at Independiente in Argentina. In his first season in England, Forlan made 18 appearances but failed to score a single goal. The two seasons after were not impressive either, hence his transfer to Villarreal.

Impressively, Forlan scored 25 league goals in his first season with Villarreal and won the league’s top scorers award (2004/05). Also, he was awarded the European Golden Shoe award alongside Thierry Henry the same year. He left the club two seasons later for Atletico with 59 goals scored in 128 matches.

In his second season with Atletico Madrid (2008/09), Forlan beat Samuel Eto’o to the Spanish league’s top scorer’s award. He scored 32 league goals in 33 league appearances that season which earned him the Pichichi trophy. Again, he won the European Golden Shoe but this time it was not shared with anyone.

The next season (2009/10), Forlan played a key role as Atletico won the Europa League. He scored six times in the tournament, including two in the 2-1 win over Fulham in the final. He was voted as the man of the match in the final.

With his national team, he was just as impressive; he scored the most goals at the 2010 FIFA World Cup alongside Thomas Muller, Wesley Sneijder, and David Villa.

Furthermore, he was voted into the FIFA World Cup dream team and won the Golden Ball and goal of the tournament title. By the time he retired, he was Uruguay’s highest goal scorer in history, a record which has since been broken by Luis Suarez.

Forlan eventually became so good that some Football fans think he is the caliber of player that could have won the Ballon d’Or.



There are several reasons why players struggle when they change clubs, especially to other countries. Culture, language, teammates, family are some factors that can affect their performances.

These 3 cases show that a player may fail to perform in one league but go on to become a star in another league.




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Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1



Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

Ligue 1 no doubt harbors quite a number of talented players, as such it’s quite understandable for those considered to be world-class players among them to cash out hugely on what they earn at the end of the month.

As of late, the players’ salaries have given indications of solid development, on account of the tremendous income pouring into the game. The fierce rivalry between the country’s top football clubs has brought the nature of the competition higher than ever. The league has more than its own fair share of highly paid players.

Here is a rundown of the top 15 highest-paid players in the Ligue 1

  • Neymar Jr – (Paris Saint Germain, – €3.06 Per Month )

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

Behind Ronaldo and Messi, the Brazilian forward is regarded as the third-best player in world football since moving from Santos to Barcelona in 2013 for a deal reported worth €86.2million.

After apparently growing and widening his status as a footballer with his achievement on and off the pitch, it was evident that the former Puskas Award winner would go on to attract top elite clubs.

With the Parisian club brimming with a lot of cash to flex muscles with high spending clubs, it was just a matter of time before Neymar would join them. Fast forward to 2017, the Selecao captain signed for PSG for a world record transfer fee worth €222million, and since then he’s been an important figure of both the club and their project.

Amidst transfer rumors of him returning to his old home Barcelona, plus the fact that the Parisian are also ready to offer him a new deal that would tie him down with the French side for at least another three seasons.

  • Kylian Mbappe – (Paris Saint Germain, € 1.91m Per Month)

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

As a World Cup winner and one of the best prospects in world football, it’s quite understandable for Mbappe to be among the highest-paid players in Ligue 1 and Paris Saint Germain. The 2018 World Cup winner burst into the scene as a young player for Monaco, making his professional debut in 2015 at the age of 15.

The Frenchman signed for the Parisian club in 2017 on loan, which was later made permanent in 2018. He has shown to be a great prospect for both the club and their project in dominating the Ligue 1 and also flex muscles with the top clubs in Europe.

His permanent transfer to Paris Saint Germain is reported to be worth €180million, making him both the second most expensive player and most expensive teenager. Since joining the Ligue 1 Champions permanently, the 22-year-old has scored over 120 goals for the Parisian club.

However, amidst the rumor of Real Madrid prepping up to break the bank in their quest to bring him down to the Bernabeu, the World Cup winner is still actively the second biggest earner in the league and of course Paris Saint Germain.

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  • Correa Marquinhos & Marco Verratti – (Paris Saint Germain, €1.2m Per Month)

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

Since the departure of top players such as Edinson Cavani, Zlatan, and recently Thiago Silva, Marquinhos’s status has risen from being a mere squad player in the dressing room into a leader, captain, and one of the best gladiator of the club.

As a 19-year-old teenager, the Brazilian was signed in 2013 on a five-year deal by Paris Saint Germain from AS Roma for a fee of around €31.4million. And as reported by BBC Sport, the deal was said to be the highest transfer fee for a teenager then, while Sky also reports it to be the then fifth highest transfer.

The current form of the Brazilian makes him rank as one of Europe’s most valuable players, most especially as a player who is currently plying his trade with the best team in France.

According to the transfer market rating, Marquinhos market value currently stands at €70million, as such with his years of experience and playing over 313 matches for the Parisian, it’s no surprise that the club captain takes home €1.2m per month tied with the Italian on the same amount.


As for the Italian, he’s also been a very instrumental player for the team since joining the club nine years ago. There have always been rumors concerning his future, either joining Barcelona or go back to Italy, but as it stands his current contract with Paris Saint Germain would expire in 2024.

  • Angel Di Maria – (Paris Saint Germain, €1.1m Per Month)

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

Since joining the Parisian for €63million after a disappointing stint with Manchester United in 2015, the Argentine winger has continued to prove to the world that he’s still one of the best players in football since leaving Real Madrid.

Di Maria isn’t just rank among the highest earner for doing nothing, he earns his pay through his brilliant performances over the years since joining them, accumulating a total of 251 appearances scoring over 88 goals and 104 assists.

The former Real Madrid winger may not stay in the Ligue 1 with Paris Saint Germain for three years or more, as he’s already moving close to the end of his career. However, with his deal still running that makes him the fourth-highest earner in the league.

  • Keylor Navas – (Paris Saint Germain, €1m Per Month)

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

When Navas joined Madrid from Levante in the summer of 2014, no one ever thought he’s going to achieve quite a number of success with Los Blancos based on where he was coming from and his antecedent as a goalkeeper.

After a successful stint with Los Merengues, the imminent arrival of Thibaut Courtois means the Costa Rican goalkeeper days at Real Madrid are numbered.

With his achievement at Real Madrid, it was evident that the Costa Rican won’t find it hard to get good European suitor to come by, as such Paris Saint Germain came calling for his services in 2019 having been told he won’t be Real Madrid number one going forward into the new season.

Following Navas’s move to the French capital, it means his salary would be on the high side based on his achievement and reputation as a Champions League winner with arguably the biggest club in Europe.

As a Paris Saint Germain player, he earns €1m per month, making the Costa Rican one of the highest-paid players in Ligue 1

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  • Mauro Icardi – (Paris Saint Germain, €800,000 Per Month)

Top 15 Highest Paid Players In Ligue 1

The imminent departure of El Matador when Icardi joined Paris Saint Germain on loan means the responsibility of goalscoring would be on the shoulder of the Argentine. The former Inter Milan forward made his loan permanent with the PSG following a strong start in Paris.

The Argentine and controversy certainly go hand in hand based on his antecedent with his previous clubs. Everywhere he goes he has always shown he could lead the line perfectly, and since he joined the Parisian permanently no report of controversy has been recorded concerning the former Nerazzurri captain.

Icardi may not be the poster boy of PSG just like his days at Inter, that doesn’t make him less of a player in the dressing room among other star players like Neymar and Mbappe who are no doubt the face of the club.

  • Leandro Paredes – (Paris Saint Germain, €750,000 Per Month)
    Juan Bernat – (Paris Saint Germain, €700,000 Per Month)
    Presnel Kimpembe – (Paris Saint Germain, €670,000 Per Month)
    Ander Herrera – (Paris Saint Germain, €650,000 Per Month)
    Wissam Ben Yedder – (Monaco, €650,000 Per Month)
    Cesc Fabregas – (Monaco, €600,000 Per Month)
    Julian Draxler – (Paris Saint Germain, €600,000 Per Month)
    Idrissa Guaye – (Paris Saint Germain, €500,000 Per Month)


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