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Premier League Assist Stats: Mesut Ozil vs De Bruyne



Manchester City player Kevin de Bruyne can’t put a foot wrong for City right now while everything is Mesut Ozil‘s fault at the Emirates but do these numbers express the North London fans need to cut the German playmaker some slack?

The two players have just made 30 goal scoring chances in the Premier League this season, in spite of Ozil having burned through 273 minutes less on the pitch.

The issue for the German is, that his colleagues are less proficient in front of goal. He has 2 Premier League assists compared with De Bruyne’s 6.

Meanwhile, on the attacking front, Arsenal’s man stacks up well.

Minutes played: Ozil 568 mins, De Bruyne 841 mins

Objectives: Ozil 1, De Bruyne 1

Shot conversion: Ozil 8.33%, De Bruyne 4.55%

Pass accuracy: Ozil 86.3%, De Bruyne 86%

It’s in defence where the Belgian proves his value. De Bruyne has made 10 more tackles, 3 a larger number of block attempts and 36 a greater number of recovery than Ozil, proving he is an all-rounder on the field of play.


Mesut Ozil Kevin de Bruyne
568 Mins played 841
1 Goals 1
2 Assists 6
30 Chances created 30
8.33% Shot conversion 4.55%
86.3% Pass accuracy 86%


Mesut Ozil Kevin de Bruyne
6 Tackles 16
5 Interceptions 8
25 Recoveries 61
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