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Pogba Plays Like A ‘Schoolboy’ Circling Around In The Playground – Souness



Graeme Souness has compared Paul Pagba to a ‘schoolboy‘ circling around in the playground’ in the wake of his current performances. The former Scottish international claimed that Manchester United need a player like Christian Eriksen to entwine the midfield better’.

The ex-Liverpool midfielder, now TV pundit, feels the Pogba can give a considerable measure going forward but is ‘absent’ when the back four needs protection.

During United’s defeat to Tottenham a week ago, Pogba was scrutinized for being out of position several times and Souness believes it’s out of line to put all the fault on Romelu Lukaku.

Writing in the ‘Sunday Times’, Souness was critical of Pogba’s positional play :

“When he’s asked to do a job centrally, he’s forever straying towards the ball. A central midfielder should never be in areas wider than the penalty box unless they are out there to confront danger defensively,” Souness said.

“‘He will do something clever in the final third but will be absent when his back four are under the cosh. He plays like a schoolboy running after the ball in the playground.”

It was a damning evaluation from Souness, who won three European titles as a player, but he went on to defend Romelu Lukaku. Souness is of the opinions that in light of the ‘Red Devils’ midfield issues, the Belgian isn’t getting the service he needs to flourish.

‘Romelu Lukaku has faced some criticism, but he’s not been getting chances put on a plate. He could do with an Eriksen-type doing that for him. United are crying out for a clever passer. Juan Mata can do it, but he can’t get around the pitch the way that Eriksen does,”

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