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Petitions With Nearly 100,000 Signatures Asks For A Barcelona, PSG Rematch



Lots of unsatisfied football fans were left disappointed with Deniz Aytekin’s officiating resulting to Barcelona subsequent comeback. One of the angry fans, Luis Olmedo, has even chosen to ask for a rematch on change.org.

In less than 24-hour, the appeal has picked up force, gathering 100,000 signature as it argues for the game to be replayed the interest has been signed by hundreds of disappointed football supporters. In the appeal, Luis Olmedo compiled a list of reasons why he supposes PSG were wronged, including:

2nd min: Offside goal by Luis Suarez

11th min: Uncalled penalty on Javier Mascherano for handball inside the box

23rd min: Gerard Pique is not sent off

42nd min: Edinson Cavani being booked instead of Pique’s second yellow

45th min: Three and a half minutes of stoppage time

48th min: Neymar penalty given after forward deliberately seeks contact

54th min: Neymar simulates another penalty. No yellow card was given

64th min: Violent conduct by Neymar, should have seen red card

78th min: Handball by Pique inside the box, but not given

85th min: Uncalled penalty on Mascherano for challenge on Angel Di Maria inside the box

89th min: Obvious dive by Suarez who was awarded a penalty

90th min: Five minutes of added time (or until Barcelona score!)

92nd min: Suarez deserved second yellow card for simulating penalty

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