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PA Dejo Fayemi, The First Nigerian Player To Play At Highbury Stadium Dies



An important figure of Nigerian Football team known as the Red Devil back then, Mr Dejo Fayemi who makes a shocking impact in Africa in the late 50s is dead.

He joined a group of boys who played every evening as part of recreational activities among the children of the members. At the Railway Staff Quarters in Dugbe, Ibadan, But just when his skills were gradually being noticed, the nomadic life that his father‘s job entailed threatened to derail his developmental process.

The Ex-striker makes his international debut against Ghana for the first time, give up his struggle with life, as it was reported that he passed away in his sleep at his residence in Odo-Ona Elewe in Ibadan on Friday, December 2nd, at the of 83 years.

The late striker was among the first indigenous Nigerians in the early 60s to ply his professional trade in England just after Nigerian got her Independence, somewhat of a luck I guess.

The late Fayemi’s goal cause an havoc on Sierra Leone, as the country marks her Independence ceremony with an invitational friendly match against Nigeria, while he did same against Dahomey now known as Benin.

Fayemi might be a wrecker, but he did surely make his footprint a lasting impression on the sands of time. as he did played among a selected side called the Western Rovers that was humilated 11-2 by England club Sheffield Wesdnesday, and after the humilation, Fayemi was presented with a trophy as the Best Player of the Year.

The late Dejo Fayemi was the first known Nigerian to ever play on the ground of Arsenal old home ( Highbury Stadium).

According to reports gathered his eldest daughter said the deceased never did gave any inclination to his death, as he still played Jokingly with the family night before he kicked the bucket.

“My dad was a caring father, he eat ‘amala’ I prepared for him last night and joked with his grand children before he went to bed, only to discover him dead in the morning when we expect him to come out for the usual morning devotion”, she said.

No news yet regarding the burial arrangement for the deceased, as the family member is yet to make any announcement.

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