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NWFL Supremo Falode To Club: “Pay Up Your Registration Fee Or Forget The League



Administrator of the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Aisha Falode has perused out the riot act to all teams partaking in this current Nigeria Women Premier League (NWPL) season, urging them to pay the obligatory N500,000 ( Five Hundred Thousand Naira ) participation charges or relinquish their spot in the league which will commences one week from now.

As at the last number, not more than seven clubs have so far completed the procedure of enrollment which among other commitments includes, the payment of the obligatory registration charges.

Secretary of the NWPL, Ayo Abdulrahman, has attempted berserk endeavors in the last two weeks after the Congress of the Nigeria Women’s’ league held in Abuja, to guarantee failing clubs submit to one of the key resolutions reached at the congress yet all endeavors to make them pay up, have so far failed to be noticed as a few clubs have stayed adamant and unyielding.

However, till now affected clubs have been given until midnight on Wednesday next week to pay up or lose their opening on the log.

“We cannot continue to condone such from the clubs according to the league board Aisha Falode in a telephone interview on Wednesday.”

“We have employed every available means to amicably resolve this issues but the affected clubs are not making life easy for anybody.

Some of them are owing excess from past seasons yet I have instructed the secretariat of the league board to see the build-up as awful debt so we can move forward.

Presently we are stating, pay up for just this season with the goal that we can begin on a crisp page but they are not yielding. On the off chance that we should play the league, we should be prepared to do it right.

“We cannot because we want to please people allow the house to fall right from the foundation. The United States women’s league has just ten teams participating and they are doing really good. If we have to come to that number we wouldn’t mind because the ultimate is to package an attractive league that will entice sponsors, ” she concluded.


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