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Neymar’s Anomaly – The Contradictory Features Of A Footballer Who Wants To Dominate



Paris Saint-Germaine superstar Neymar Jr is up in the spotlight after his trip to Brazil, which revives the civil debate about the reasonableness of a player who scores wonderful goals and provides assists at the same rate that he creates controversy and off-the-field issues.

The Brazilian winger cost PSG a mouth-watering 222 million euros in the summer transfer window from Camp Nou, a move that shook the foundations of football. A galactic price for a super player, who is unquestionably the successor to Messi and Ronaldo. His astonishing performances in the France capital have been honorable, but in the meantime, there is excessively much discussion about his private life.

Towards the end of last week, it was reported that Neymar went to Brazil “to resolve family-related issues”. A trip which implied he missed the Christmas dinner which his Parisiens teammates went to at Disneyland Paris.

PSG manager Unai Emery. did not have any desire to reveal the purposes for his star player’s demand for a couple of days from the French capital. Be that as it may, it means Neymar will miss the League Cup game against Strasbourg on Wednesday. While Cavani and Mbappe will be available.

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The Brazilian star frequently his social media handle to show his off-the-field exercises, it was revealed that Neymar, likewise settling some private issues, went to a birthday party and visited his dental specialist.


“Thanks for the visit, you’re still the same boy, always humble, that’s why you are loved. Thank you Neymar, a great present to see you on my birthday,” wrote the father of his friend Guilherme Pitta, Reinaldo Pitta, on his social media account.

Neymar’s consistent travels and the odd crazy nightlife have produced some inconvenience at PSG, but they keep on supporting him. He is the star but everybody is behind him.

The ‘Toiss’, the player’s company, his father, his sister’s birthday…

Neymar is developing a not insignificant long list of off-the-field scenes which threaten to unwind his great work on the pitch. The contradictory features of a footballer who wants to dominate the football world but his conduct proposes the opposite, to such an extent that Tite, the Brazil national team coach, wants the media to wipe the slate clean on the player’s image.

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