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Neymar Rape Scandal: Najila Trindade Testifes In Front Of Police



The Brazilian model Najila Trindade Mendes who reported Neymar for rape assault visited a police headquarters in Sao Paulo today to give another statement as a major aspect of the ongoing investigation against the PSG player

The 26-year old model, showed up before the authorities to give more insights regarding what occurred on 15th May in a hotel in Paris where, as indicated by her, she was raped and assaulted by the Brazilian football star.

Swarmed by a horde of journalists, Najila arrived at the police headquarters in a vehicle, with her face covered by a coat and accompanied by her defense team. Mendes had been called to testify by police seven days ago, however, deferred her cross investigation on a few occasions.

The Brazilian police authorities have opened an investigation after the complaint made by the lady against Neymar, who demands that their sexual exercises that night were consensual.

Najila, in any case, conceded in an interview this week that she ventured out to Paris to have sexual relation with the Brazilian star, but changed her mind ultimately as they didn’t have contraception.

After the allegation, which went public on Saturday. Neymar released a video to Instagram in which he showed the WhatsApp chats that the two shared just as some raunchy images that she had sent.

With his message, the Brazilian forward wanted to show that Najila kept up an ordinary relationship after the sexual experience which, as indicated by him, was consensual.

After the video was made public, which Instagram then deleted as it broke social media code of conducts, the authorities likewise opened an investigation against Neymar for alleged cybercrime. Neymar showed up on Thursday at a police headquarters in Rio de Janeiro to give a statement on the alleged cyber wrongdoing but is still yet to be addressed on the rape allegations.

In Brazil, media outlet, such as, ‘UOL’ have revealed that medical report from Najila did not distinguish any injuries to her intimate regions.




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