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Neymar Could Not Hide His Excitement Upon Messi Reunion “My Idol Is My Friend”



Paris Saint-Germain forward took advantage of his trip to FC Barcelona to get up to speed with his former teammates and companions and was particularly thrilled to get back together with Lionel Messi.

In spite of being hollowed against the Catalan club, Neymar did not have any desire to squander an astounding chance to greet his former teammates, and exchange views over the start of the campaign.

The Brazilian likewise conceded feeling nostalgic via social media, sharing a photo alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

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In the wake of bringing the ‘MSN’ back together, Neymar posted another photo with Gerard Pique, putting the entire ‘Se Queda’ issue behind them.

Neymar put an end to a passionate homecoming, feeling excited about seeing Messi once more: “My idol is my friend”, he said.

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