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My kids Are Not Allowed To Mention The Name ‘Ronaldo’ – Payet



France and West ham prolific midfielder Dmitri Payet have revealed his motion towards the four-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, after pronouncing Ronaldo’s name in their home after Euro 2016 Championship.

Dmitri Payet still looks upset after their defeat to Portugal at the final of the 2016 Euro, he revealed how he banned his kid from mentioning the name “Cristiano Ronaldo”

The France international may not have a soft spot for Ronaldo, but they do have mutual respect for each other, both did represent their respective country in the final of the competition as Ronaldo was substituted after taking a tough tackle from Payet after having played just 25 minutes of the game.

Speaking to Sport24, he said

‘I have kids, so I can understand the image that footballers have.’

‘They are fans of some players, I see in their eyes. They admire and try to imitate their gestures, their words, their celebrations.

They love Ronaldo and Messi. Since Euro 2016, though, they have no right to pronounce the name of Ronaldo!’

I cannot see my son in this way. The game is about kicking the ball, not hurting the opponent.’

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