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‘Mourinho And Simeone Are Killing Football’ – Ben Arfa



PSG and France international Hatem Ben Arfa did not keep down while examining the cutting edge of modern day football, in a meeting directed by France Football, Ben Arfa remarked on his indifference for current football and its absence of freedom, unequivocally compared with the times of Johan Cruyff.

The 30-year-old made it clear on who he accepts to be responsible, making a case for the downfall of the game by attesting ‘we kill football’.

‘Many coaches are convinced to invent football on the pretext that they are looking for a system to block the opponent’

Ben Arfa told the French magazine, ‘But this is not in the essence of football, with Mourinho and Simeone’.

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Ben Arfa was firm in his remark for current club managers and their strategic and tactical impact on football: ‘It is the absolute opposite of Cruyff legacy and his freedom, and with them, there is no room for pleasure’.

Cristiano Ronaldo was likewise the concentration of the 30-year-old’s judgment, pronouncing he detests watching ‘Cristiano Ronaldo, he doesn’t give me any feeling, he is predictable’.

Arfa comments are commendable when saying that football has turned out to be significantly more strategic and calculated, with the big guns constructing their achievement in light of defensive calculation.

However, he apparently grief the passing of the beautiful game saying: ‘There is no more frills and skills, to the point that football intrigues me substantially less. I don’t find delight viewing football matches, likewise in Ligue 1, “we kill football’

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