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Mohammed Alarefe Blasted For Urging FIFA To Ban Players From Making The Cross Sign



Is it that the world fears Christianity or that Christianity is not genuine or have slackened touch as the world develops? Which is it? or, on the other hand, is it for the way that Muslims hate Christianity with passion?

FIFA has been asked to restrict Christian players from making the indication of the cross subsequent to scoring a goal.

A cleric from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Alarefe approached football’s governing body to impose it into football’s laws that players be restricted from tapping their head, left shoulder, and right shoulder to make a sign of christ of the cross.

Mohammed Alarefe, who is a renown professor of religion at King Saud University in Riyadh, posted the disputable approach to his Twitter handle, but he was immediately overwhelmed with messages contradicting him.

Various individuals indicated out the Muslim researcher that a number of players stoop to the ground and kiss the floor in celebration of a goal, imitating the Islamic role of “Thank You, Allah”

Mohammed Alarefe wrote:

‘I’ve seen video clips of athletes, soccer players running, shooting and when they win they make the symbol of the cross on their chests and my question is if FIFA’s rules forbid this.’

While a number of people from every religious foundation, including Christianity and Islam reacted to his perspectives, many condemned the Islamic professor assertation, saying it induced division.

However, Sultan Alhusni answered saying an Egyptian footballer right now playing for Italian club Roma and stated:

‘I can’t lie. Mohamed Salah and others stoop to the ground to supplicate when they score a goal and nobody rebuffs them. Leave the game to the individuals who manage it.’


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