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Mike Anders Blames The Calabar 30 Victims For Being Unpatriotic



A Nigerian man named, Mike Sanders has discharged a shot on social media when he opined that the Calabar 30 victim who passed away, and the fortunately injured ones in the Calabar tragic episode paid the cost for being unpatriotic.

The pitiful episode happened last Thursday amid the Manchester United Europa league second leg quarter-final clash against Belgian side Anderlecht, which saw the Red Devils win with a 2-1 triumph. The losses recorded 7 dead people while 10 were hospitalised.

Mike Anders comments: “You skipped our National football to watch foreign football and electric Pole fall on the head, that’s the price for being unpatriotic”.

“You have one choice, either you are a patriotic Nigerian ready to uphold her honour and glory or a saboteur committing felony”.

Furthermore, obviously, not surprisingly Nigeria social media savages ricocheted back on him as Instagram users sought the Nigerian who they saw as being inhumane, insensitive and hungry for shabby attention.

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