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Messi Is The Number One In Everything And He Deserves The Ballon D’or – Mbappe



Paris Saint- Germaine forward Kylian Mbappé, after the UNFP (National Union of Professional Footballers) awards function, addressed the media about the Ballon d’Or and clarified that this year’s winner should be no other player than Lionel Messi

The France international tipped Barcelona star Lionel Messi to claim this year’s Ballon d’Or after a remarkable individual season.

Messi finished fifth in the rankings when Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric was declared the winner in December last year, however, the Blaugrana captain has been irrepressible this season.

The Barcelona influential player has piled on an incredible 50 goals and 22 assists in just 49 appearances in all competitions this season, with 29 goals and 10 assists in 29 outings this year and a Copa del Rey final on the way.

However, in addition, to uncertainty about his fate with the Parisians, the Frenchman likewise talked about different topics after the UNFP awards function.

In his statements to the media, one of the most recurrent themes (paying little mind to his possible departure) was the Ballon d’Or.

The favorite [for the Ballon d’Or] is Messi,”

“The elimination in Champions does not change anything, he is the number one in everything,”

With supreme genuine feelings of serenity, the striker clarified that, if nothing extraordinary occurs between now and December, the award given each year by the magazine ‘France Football’ to the best player in the world should be for Lionel Messi.

He has shown this year that he is the best player and although the year goes until December, I’m not worried about him, he’s going to play until December.”

Mbappe, after an incredible season on an individual dimension, could be on the list of players for the Ballon d’Or, but it seems the Frenchman is sure about who should win it.




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