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Messi Is An Awesome Player But We Have To Let Him Breathe A Bit – Valverde



Subsequent to helping Barcelona secure 1-0 win over stubborn Valencia, Barca team coach, Ernesto Valverde has called for a break on the truckload of expectations from the Argentine.

Ernesto Valverde said Lionel Messi must be permitted to breathe in the midst of the heaviness if expectations on the Barcelona star.

Messi helped set up Barcelona’s 1-0 first-leg win over the visiting Els Taronges in the Copa del Rey semi-finals on Thursday, providing an assist for Luis Suarez.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner clipped a ball to the back post, where Suarez headed home in the 67th minute at Camp Nou.

Valverde told journalists about Messi in a post-interview:

“When Messi plays the ball, everybody expects numerous things from him

“Sometimes it’s too much because we have to let Messi breathe a bit.

“It’s true he is an awesome player as we have said many, many times. It’s a spectacle watching him every day.”

“I wouldn’t say the score is not that bad because I think the score is good because we won the match.

“Winning a match is really difficult and we did. Valencia didn’t score, so we have to think that 0-0 is good for us at Mestalla but we won’t go there looking to draw the match. We will go for trying to win it.”

Meanwhile, Barcelona-record signing Philippe Coutinho started the match from the bench before he was introduced to the match approaching the hour-mark.

“It’s true that Coutinho played on the centre because sometimes Messi likes playing on the right side,” Valverde said. “If that happens we have to readjust a bit. Our idea is Coutinho should play on the sides when Messi plays in the centre, but he can play everywhere.

“It’s true that for Liverpool used to play on the left but for Brazil, he used to play on the right side. He can suit any place forward.”

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