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Marouane Fellaini – “If You Type His Name Into YouTube, You’ll Only See Him Breaking Legs”



Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini has hit back at former Liverpool player turned TV pundit Jamie Carragher, naming the Liverpool legend ” World champion leg breaker.”

Fellaini wasn’t content with Carragher’s criticism of him in a segment last May over cases that he is “violent and aggressive” and has held until now to react.

Fellaini has regularly been condemned for his physical style of play at both Everton and Manchester United, driving Carragher to write in a column a year ago that he hoped the Belgian could never play in the Premier League again after the Manchester United midfielder elbowed Leicester City’s Robert Huth amid a League game.

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Though Fellaini received a three-game ban, Carragher wrote:

“My personal hope is that we would never see him playing in the Premier League again.

“He is a repeat offender and it has gone beyond the point now where people can attempt to defend him by saying he is a tall lad who is using his arms for leverage.”

Fellaini held up calmly to react and has expelled Carragher’s capacity as a footballer and a pundit depicting him as the

“world champion of breaking legs”.

“He is the champion of blah-blah and the world champion of breaking legs. If you type his name into YouTube you’ll only see him tackling.”


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