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Maradona Digs Messi – I’m Sure My Invitation To Messi’s Wedding Got Lost Along The Way



Lionel Messi had an awesome and glamorous wedding of the year to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo on Friday with the event seeing football hotshots, But the Barcelona star may need a word with Diego Maradona, who appeared to be to somewhat irritated at having been left off the list of people to attend.

The Argentine legend wished Messi all the best, yet he figured out how to slip a none-too-subtle and unobtrusive dig into his wish.

“Congratulations and I hope you have many healthy kids,” the 56-year-old revealed to Russian media.

“He knows that I adore him so much. “My invitation to his wedding must have gotten lost along the way, but that won’t change my opinion of him. “He is a good sportsman and a brilliant and excellent person.”

Messi’s wasn’t the only invitation that Maradona has missed out as he’d also love to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid his time at the Confederations Cup.

“He is my idol,” Maradona insisted.”On the wall in my home, I have two portraits by each other, one of Fidel Castro and one of Vladimir Putin.”

With respect to Donald Trump, he said that the US president was more like a “cartoon character”.



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