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Manchester City Spend £225m More On Defence Than 52 Countries



In the wake of breaking their record to secure the service of Atletico Bilbao‘s defender Aymeric Laporte, Manchester City have spent an astounding £225million on defenders alone. Or on the other hand what is the same, the Etihad outfit has outspent 52 Countries budget of defence.

Only few clubs spent £300-£400m on two players. We spend it on six players,” Guardiola defended the enormous money splashed on defenders at a press ocnference for Aymeric Laporte’s unveiling.

The £57million paid for the Athletic Bilbao star expedites City’s total spending on their defence line to £225million. As detailed by ‘’, that is more than what 52 countries committed to their yearly defence spending plan in 2016.

The signings of Benjamin Mendy for £52m, Kyle Walker for £54m, Danilo for £27m and goalkeeper Ederson for £35m, added to the £57m paid for Aymeric Laporte, put the Cityzens ahead of 52 countries as far as spending in defence.


Manchester City – £225m

Guatemala – £191m

Chad – £188.4m

Senegal – £179m

Trinidad & Tobago – £166.4m

El Salvador – £163.9m

Kyrgyzstan – £145.5m

Gabon – £142.9m

Afghanistan – £122.3m

Niger – £117.1m

Bosnia-Herzegovina – £115.9m

Guinea – £114m

Ghana – £114m

Burkina Faso – £105.3m

Albania – £103.3m

South Sudan – £96.9m

Mauritania – £95.9m

Jamaica – £83.4m

Cuba – £83.4m

Mozambique – £79m

Macedonia, FYR – £74.7m

Mongolia – £71.8m

Rwanda – £71.2m

Benin – £69.1m

Tajikistan – £67.5m

Togo – £57.8m

Papua New Guinea – £57.7m 

Nicaragua – £51.2m

Swaziland – £47.4m

Montenegro – £47.3m

Burundi – £46.9m

Madagascar – £41.8m

Malta – £40.5m

Kosovo – £36.5m

Central African Rep. – £36.4m

Guyana – £34.5m

Fiji – £31.9m

Lesotho – £28.7m

Djibouti –£25.6m

Malawi – £23.7m

Moldova – £21m

Sierra Leone – £18.8m

Timor Leste – £18.5m

Mauritius – £16.2m

Laos – £16m

Belize – £14.5m

Seychelles – £13m

Equatorial Guinea – £12.8m

Iceland – £12.2m

Guinea-Bissau – £12m

Gambia – £10.1m

Liberia – £8.7m

Cape Verde – £7.2m

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