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Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Who Is the Greatest?



As commonly believed, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are the world’s greatest and most famous football stars.Their fame knows no borders and no human characteristics. That is mainly due to their extraordinary talent in football, and their marketing teams’ efforts, of course.
87% of people worldwide know Lionel Messi, while 92% of people worldwide know Cristiano Ronaldo. Women are huge fans of these superstars, and they are mostly responsible for the stars’ worldwide fame. 84% of those knowing Messi worldwide are women while 91% of those knowing Ronaldo are women. Find more interesting stats upon the most intriguing rivalry in sports history in the infographic compiled by experts from
Yet, knowing and liking the football stars are two different sides of the story. 78% of the age group 25-34 say they like Messi as a football player and as a person, while that number is lower for Ronaldo, 68%. Moreover, 80% of those knowing Messi in the age group 55+ say they like him while only 67% of those people knowing Ronaldo say they actually like him. How is that for you? 
Messi and Ronaldo are the most famous in Brazil and Argentina. 96% of people from Brazil know Messi, and 99% know Ronaldo. Meanwhile, In Argentina, 99% of people know Messi, and 96% know Ronaldo. Well, it is kind of logical, isn’t it? The pride of the stars’ natives is a powerful thing! 
According to statistics, Messi scores a goal every 100 minutes and 18 seconds, while Ronaldo does so every 114 minutes and 28 seconds. Messi gives an assist every 244 minutes and 16 seconds, whereas Ronaldo gives an assist every 335 minutes and 37 seconds. Furthermore, Messi participates in a goal every 71 minutes and 06 seconds, while Ronaldo does so every 85 minutes and 21 seconds. It looks like Ronaldo takes a little longer than Messi to take decisive plays in the field. 
However, Ronaldo seems to have 529 all-time club goals: 22 more than Messi has. And, Ronaldo has 75 all-time international goals, compared to the 58 goals of Messi. Interesting, huh? 
The average heading of Messi is 7/10, while Ronaldo’s is 9/10. Interestingly, Messi and Ronaldo have the same average passing accuracy, 8/10. Their average shooting accuracy, free kick skills, and dribbling skills have the same record, 7/10. In regards to the amazing hat tricks, Messi has performed 36 of them. Ronaldo? There isn’t a significant difference between the two here: Ronaldo has had 38 hat tricks. 
Furthermore, Messi has 21 team honors for Barcelona, while Ronaldo has a total number of 15 team honors, 9 for Manchester United and 6 for Real Madrid. Messi has 15 individual honors, whereas Ronaldo has 13. And, 15 world records go to Messi, while 13 world records go to Ronaldo. What about now? Who is the greatest?  
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Having delved into the world of Messi vs. Ronaldo statistics, do you have an answer now? Who is better than the other? Well, whatever is your answer to that question, let’s just, all together, appreciate for a moment their superstar existence, will you? 
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