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Lionel Messi Messing Around With Wife On The Caribbean Island Of St Bart’s



Lionel Messi keeps on making the most of his exciting honeymoon with his stunning wife Antonella Roccuzzo while Luis Suarez also relaxed on the pristine shoreline with his better half Sofia but their casual state of mind was hindered when Messi energetically throwed sand at his wife.

Antonella did not back down to Messi as she stood up and propelled a cluster of sand back at the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. The two both had radiating grins on their countenances as they had a sand battle on the beach in front Suarez and Sofia.

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The newly wed couple are presently celebrating their wedding which was billed the nation’s ‘wedding of the century’ by unwinding on the Caribbean island St Bart’s.

While kicking back at the beach, Messi, Roccuzzo, Suarez, and Sofia all tasted from emptied out pineapples as they took a plunge in the ocean. Messi was seen paddleboarding as he likewise helped his two children Thiago and Mateo into the water.

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Credits: The Sun

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