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Lionel Messi Conquer Camp Nou’s 61 Year History In Just 13



The Camp Nou is a beauty to footballing excellence without equal where Blaugrana fans have gathered throughout the last 61 years. Lionel Messi scored his first goal in Camp Nou 13 years ago and has been relentless ever since.

Lionel Messi’s adventures in football once in a while have the makings of a progression of deeds celebrated by medieval troubadours, renowned worldwide for overstating legends of brave heroes. In any case, there is no deceiving or adorning included. There might be some enchantment into it, but no one has yet figured out how to uncover how the marvel is done.

The Argentine has been straightforwardly involved in 10.2 & of goals scored by Barcelona in the entire history of the club at the Camp Nou. We are accustomed to seeing him revise the record books. However, this specific achievement must not be belittled.

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In 1,537 official appearances at the Camp Nou, Messi has scored 308 of the 4,000 goals scored by the hosts since the stadium was inaugurated, while he has additionally contributed in giving 102 assists to his team-mates.

The Cules fans in Camp Nou got their first opportunity to cheer a goal from the Argentine on May 1, 2005. Ronaldinho served it on a plate for Messi to take up the twirly doo as the captain at Barca with an unpretentious touch to lift it over the goalkeeper.

From that point forward, the Camp Nou fans have become familiar with his stellar and classy performances. It is certainly beyond question that Messi, with his numbers and extraordinary football talents, conquered the Camp Nou some time back. Who knows where he will stop.

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