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La Liga Players ‘Outraged’ Over United States Deal



A deal that would see Spanish top-flight games organized in the US has outraged players, who may strike over the league’s first overseas fixture.

A week ago, La Liga declared it was partnering together with sports and entertainment company RELEVANT for a 15-year deal setting two best Spanish clubs together in the United States once a season.

It would represent to the first time a La Liga match would be played abroad and players are not ready to acknowledge the terms of the deal. The Spanish players association (AFE) held a meeting on Wednesday to examine the plans with a portion of the league’s best players.

Prominent star including Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos and Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets were reportedly present as the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) met on Wednesday to examine the proposal.

The AFE declared that the players had voted collectively against the proposal which would see some top-flight fixture move to the USA.

The AFE proceeded to state on its official site that except if a tasteful understanding was made, the players had concurred “to adopt the appropriate measures of force.”

The president of the AFE David Aganzo said:

“The team captains are outraged and so they have transferred it to us with completeness.”

We need to fix many things with the employer.

“The footballer does not agree with making decisions unilaterally, among other things, about playing games outside of Spain. We cannot forget that we are the protagonists, along with fans and referees.”

We are willing to go to the end. Football players do not just think about money, we think about health, our fans.

“You have to be more sensible. It is disrespectful to have signed an agreement for 15 years with an American multi-national.”

They have not informed us of anything and it is not the first time it happened, it is one more.

The players are not for sale because I repeat, we do not just think about the money.




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