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John Fashanu Jailed Over Dishonest Multi-Million Naira Land Scam



John Fashanu who committed fraud and was convicted following his involvement in a dishonest multi-million naira land scam by going about as fixer was left in Abuja prison, as per the United Kingdom publication, The Mirror.

According to the report, the former England international was bolted up for two days after he was captured at his home on the Sun City Estate, Abuja – as officers examined claims that he brought forth the arrangement to sell lands that were not available to be purchased.

Fashanu was said to have gotten £23,000 from a close friend keen on purchasing land, but it worked out that the real estate issue being referred to was not for auction.

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The Mirror claimed he got locked up a jail cell with 200 detainees and after two days, he was liberated in the wake of surrendering his British international ID and promising to pay back the cash re received – in spite of the fact that he denied any wrongdoing.

“John Fashanu was arrested on July 17 regarding an affirmation of criminal connivance and acquiring the total of N9,550,000 under falsification,” said Nigeria’s Deputy Inspector General of Police, Hyacinth Dagala.

“He was granted administrative abandon on July 18 but since his failure to deliver the imperative surety on that day, he stayed in confinement until July 19 when he was released.”

Fashanu is not new to controversies, as a player in 1997, he was cleared in a prominent match-fixing trial alongside goalkeepers Bruce Grobbelaar and Hans Segers.

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