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Isreal Pitch Invader Approach Isco With A knife



Spain midfielder Isco was allegedly approached by a pitch invader brandishing a knife during WCQ game in Israel. About six Isreali fans advanced onto the pitch at Teddy Stadium once the final whistle had blown and one was isolated from the rest and was seen advancing towards Isco, Israeli media revealed today.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the Spain’s players were not under any risk of a threat at any point in time while they were at Teddy Stadium. “There was no security occurrences. The typical safety efforts were actualized last night – before, amid and after the game”, he clarified

“One of the suspects tried to get near Isco. As he made his way towards the player, the knife fell out of his hands; he was apprehended by police before he could get close to Isco”, The Times of Israel reported.

According to Israeli website Ynet, one fan made a beeline for Real Madrid star Isco, dropping a knife to the ground just as police intercepted him.

Stadium security did stop the pitch invader before he reached the player, and both the IFA and the police have denied that a knife was found on the assailant.

“According to all the information we have, there is no evidence or indication that a knife was carried by anyone who ran onto the field,” IFA communications director Shlomi Barzel told Marca.

“We do not know yet where these reports have come from, they are false.

“I do not think Spain have been welcomed to a stadium outside of their country with as much affection as they were here.

“Especially Isco, who was the subject of many positive chants and banners, as were all of the players out on the pitch.”

The police did arrest all six who entered the pitch, with no other issues said to have occurred during the evening in Jerusalem.

“There were no security incidents,” police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld told EFE. “Our usual security measures were carried out, during and after the game.”

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